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Release Notes for Evergreen version

Bugs Fixed
  1. SlimPAC: Under rare circumstances, searches could ignore the requested search type (such as title or author) and instead perform a keyword search.
  2. Closed Dates Editor (Staff Client, Local Admin): Dates did not always display, or displayed incorrectly.
  3. Hold Shelf display (Staff Client, Circulation): If only one hold was on the hold shelf, it would not display.
  4. Force This Action override (Staff Client, Circulation): Previously, multiple events tied to one item could not be overridden in one step.
  5. Copy Details (OPAC): Copy information displayed incorrectly if organizational hierarchy was more than three levels deep. (Patch from James Fournie / SITKA).
  6. Offline/Standalone Client: Transaction list would not clear unless the transactions were printed.
  7. Hold Targeter: Enhancement to the holds targeter to make it more efficient and reduce load.
  8. Spine Labels (Staff Client, Cataloging): The top margin of the first label was misaligned by a small amount.
  9. Spine Labels (Staff Client, Cataloging): When adding items, there was database lag time affecting label printing.
  10. Authority Record Import (Staff Client, Z39.50 Importer): Authority record import not functioning correctly.
  11. Patron Holds (Staff Client, Circulation): Display for patron’s holds showed all the holds the patrons had ever placed, whether active or not.
  12. Z39.50 Client (Staff Client): When searching multiple sources, the display rendering could become unreadable.
  13. Renewing Checkouts (Staff Client, Circulation): Critical fix for issues surrounding staff renewing multiple items for a patron.
New Features
  1. MARC Editor (Staff Client, Cataloging): Provides a default record type-behavior when the record is incorrectly coded. Note that this function does not replace the improper record type; it simply assigns a default behavior in the event an unrecognized record type is entered.
  2. MARC Editor (Staff Client, Cataloging): Copy/Cut/Paste context menus are now available for all editable fields. Right-click in an editable field, and the menus pop up.
  3. MARC Editor (Staff Client, Cataloging): Authority validation made even more strict, to avoid failing validation on floating subdivisions within a MARC field.
  4. Item Attribute Editor, Volume-Copy Editor (Staff Client): Templates now sort alphabetically. Note: templates in lower case will precede templates in upper case.
  5. Holdings Maintenance (Staff Client, Local Administration): Allows a choice between "alert on last copy" and "delete with last copy" for bibliographic records.
  6. Billing interface (Staff Client, Circulation): Billing retrieval now much faster due to new API (programming).
  7. Patron Search (Staff Client): Improved autofocus, which controls how and where the cursor defaults for data entry.
  8. Z39.50 Client (Staff Client): PQN search feature restored. PQN (for Prefix Query Notation) is a powerful search tool used by some catalogers for direct querying of Z39.50 servers. To see it in action, try @mosher beer (the equivalent of the keyword search, mosher and beer) or try this more complex search: @or papazian @attr 1=21 beer (a search for papazian or beer except that the first term can be anywhere, while the second term must be in the subject field). Note: found under label, Raw Text.
General Cleanup
  1. User names used in the example configuration files simplified
  2. Various translation cleanups
  3. Avoid entirely empty searches (database performance issue)
  4. Apache example configuration tidying
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