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A Walk-Through of the Source Code (Alpha Version)

A Walk-Through of the Source Code (Post-Alpha, a rewrite)


I'm using this space as a scratch pad as I rewrite the staff client. The main goal of this rewrite is to ease future development. This will be done by serving as much as the XUL and Javascript remotely as possible. Local code should be limited to the bare minimum required for offline/standalone support. We could potentially have a complete "web" app without the offline/standalone support, though this isn't a priority.

The idea is to reduce the need for the client build process, and seamlessly roll out changes to the end-users. This should also make it easier for other developers to test ideas and develop interfaces, since they can use their favorite server-side tools for generating the XUL, while gaining greater client-side priviledges by virtue of the locally installed Evergreen shell (whether it be a XUL Runner application or a Firefox extension).

Nuts & Bolts - This section shows how we're using some of the technology to put things together.

Bird's Eye View - This shows the API calls and objects we use to communicate with the rest of Evergreen.

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