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Evergreen Newsletter, MONTH YEAR

The newsletter for Evergreen open source library software

Volume X, Issue Y - MONTH, YEAR

As a reminder, we post this newsletter to the Evergreen general discussion list, development list, and the Evergreen blog. Cross-posting and forwarding are encouraged.

In This Issue

Evergreen Out and About, Evergreen Development and Documentation Update, Evergreen People, Evergreen Jobs, Lyrasis Evergreen Classes, New Evergreen Libraries, Planet Evergreen, A Few Reminders, Newsletter Administrivia

Out and About: An Evergreen Calendar



Evergreen Development and Documentation Update

Evergreen People

Evergreen Jobs

New Evergreen Libraries: Welcome Aboard!

Planet Evergreen

Can’t get enough news about Evergreen open source software? Subscribe to or read Planet Evergreen, an aggregator for Evergreen-related posts. Have a blog that talks about Evergreen? To add your blog to the Planet Evergreen blog aggregator, send email to Dan Scott at

A Few Reminders

Evergreen has a Flickr set and a Facebook group.

Newsletter Administrivia

Feel free to forward, share, etc.! The co-wranglers for this newsletter (produced every month–sometimes earlier, sometimes later–what can we say!) are …

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