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How OpenSRF Stacks Up

How does OpenSRF compare to other Application Frameworks on choice of development languages:

OpenSRF J2EE Catalyst Maypole
Native Perl Client X X n/a
Native C Client X
Native JavaScript Client X
Native Python Client X
Native Ruby Client (soon)
Native Java Client X X
Perl Server X X X
C Server X
Java Server (one day) X
Python Server X

How does OpenSRF compare to other Application Frameworks on general features:

OpenSRF J2EE Catalyst Maypole
Built in load balancing X X
Built in service failover X X n/a n/a
Built in Object Persistance Model X X X X
Centralized Application Configuration Management X n/a n/a
API Namespaces and API versioning X X n/a n/a
Open inter-server messaging protocol X X n/a n/a

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