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# ----------------------------------------------------------
# Client bootstrap config file
# ----------------------------------------------------------

# The default section...

# Base directory for all log files in the [logs] section
log_dir = /opt/opensrf/log

# Logging level for debugging messages
# Valid settings are ERROR, INFO, DEBUG, and INTERNAL
debug = ERROR

# Jabber domains to connect to for services
list:domains =,

# User name at those Jabber domains
username = system_client

# ... and that user's Jabber password.
passwd = a_password

# And last, but not least, the port of the Jabber server.
# If this is a path (doesn't match /^\d+$/) then the client
# will attempt to make a UNIX-domain socket connection.
port = 5222

# --------------------------------------
# The log files for each message type, stored in the
# directory listed above.
debug     = debug.log
error     = error.log
transport = transport.log
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