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-====== Making strings available for translation ======+====== Working with ====== 
 +===== Join the Project ===== 
 +Request to join the POEditor Evergreen project.  An Evergreen admin will need to approve you before you can add translations.  If you want to help with the translation process, ask on the Evergreen General email list. 
 +  * [[|Join Evergreen on POEditor]] 
 +===== Making strings available for translation =====
 To upload new strings to To upload new strings to
-  - In the `Open-ILS/src/eg2directory, run `npm run export-strings`+  - In the ''Open-ILS/src/eg2'' directory, run ''npm run export-strings''
   - Go to [[|the importer]]   - Go to [[|the importer]]
-  - Upload the xmb file -- make sure that "Import terms only" is checked. +  - Upload the ''Open-ILS/src/eg2/src/locales/messages.xmb'' file -- make sure that "Import terms only" is checked.  Also add tags to identify the new strings, like this:{{ :po_editor_tagging.png?nolink&400 |}}. In this example, the 3.7 beta replace will have all new strings tagged with rel_3_7_beta2, and the entire set of strings tagged with rel_3_7
-  - Go to the [[|English language importer]] and import the xmb file, making sure to not overwrite old translations (Note: this can almost certainly be combined with the other upload step; I was just being really careful).+  - Go to the [[|English language importer]] and import the xmb file, making sure to not overwrite old translations. Unlike the first step, which appears to just load the numeric IDs of the strings to be translated, this step also adds their English-language values. 
 +===== Adding/updating translations to Evergreen ===== 
 +If a translation is sufficiently complete, in POEditor go to the language, then export it as an ''.xtb'' file. The result should be committed to the path ''Open-ILS/src/eg2/src/locale/'' as ''messages.$LANGUAGECODE.xtb''.
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