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This week in development

Evergreen 2.2.0 is released. This is the long-awaited, first stable release of the 2.2 series with the new Template Toolkit-based OPAC and all the other new features.

2.1.2 RC2 and 2.0.12 were also released.

All of this week's releases contained security fixes, so sites should upgrade to the latest release in their series with due haste, or see here for instructions on applying the security fixes without going through the whole upgrade process:

Dan Scott has been selected as a Fedora Linux packager. He'll be adding and updating several of the standard Perl modules that Evergreen relies on to Fedora. This means that sites using Fedora Linux should see the Evergreen installation process get easier. The same improvements should eventually reach Red Hat Enterprise Linux as well.

Sites that have recently brought the Template Toolkit OPAC online are bringing attention to bugs that affect them, and the developer community is responding to the call to work out solutions. This is how things get better and better!

Some developers have also been working on new SIP features, specifically around credit card payments via devices that support that.

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