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The following instructions are dated Feb 4, 2009. Error handling in the OAIToolkit should have improved since then, however, fast-extract is probably still capable of producing bad MARCXML. This also doesn't tell you how to install the Toolkit, and assumes some specific file paths you'll want to change.

To extract records from EG:

PERL5LIB=/home/phasefx/svn/OpenSRF/STABLE_0_9/src/perlmods/:$PERL5LIB time ./fast-extract| \
./import/marc_add_ids -set_001_003 -f deleted -f id -f tcn_source -f tcn_value -f marc > ~/exported-records.marcxml

To start and stop Tomcat:

cd ~/apache-tomcat-6.0.18

To load or update records:

cd ~/OAIToolkit
cp some.marc.xml marcxml/

It seems that Tomcat needs to be restarted for an updated Lucene index to become visible.

If you delete ~/OAIToolkit/lucene_index/, it will be recreated on the next invocation of

The toolkit doesn't like records with bad leaders, or nonvalid subfield codes and indicators.

It can break completely with a "MarcException", and not report in its summary the records it does manage to create and/or update.

To view the web service:


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