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TODO List For Reporting

  • Allow multiple output delete (?)
  • add quick delete button to each report output
  • “Are you sure to want to delete X report runs?” message on mass deletes with optional “don’t show me this again” for those who don’t want to see it.
  • User managed report "folders" for templates, definitions and report runs
  • Somehow show which "level" created the thing; PINES, system or branch
  • Integrate into the permission system
    • OPSM should be able to see all reports for system
  • Monochrome print option for graphic output
  • Make graph/chart output more configurable
    • Colors
    • Fonts
  • Online help with info on what a report will do
  • Ability to add description of report that they have created
  • Want preferences for display
    • Number of active reports
    • Number of scheduled reports
  • Autoarchive rather than delete ?
  • More specialized output transformations
    • Output call # results by 100s
  • Simple "Excecutive Report" interface for running a collection of reports "now" as a set

Known Issues

  • Cash report has only 1 number after decimal instead of 2 bug 161


  • Column totals would be nice on Cash report bug 161
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