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I'm using a 1.9a1 build of XULRunner for Linux.

My favorite title for testing is Water all around by Tillie S. Pine, with a tcn of _l59011944. For this scenario, all the copies should have a status of Cataloging, except for a1115b1, which should be Available.


  • Login as staff1/staff1 @ ARL-ATH.
  • Show tabs, windows, and menu layout.
  • Show Patron Search interface, multiple retrieve, etc.
  • Pull up Joe Demo and tour the patron interface.

Fuzzy, move to exact after I actually test:

  • Patron registration
  • Bill creation, payment, details
  • User editor
  • Embedded opac
  • Placing holds
  • Hold copy capturing
  • Transits
  • Pre-Cats
  • In-House
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