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Evergreen Reports Taskforce Meeting Agenda: 2012-09-28

Time: 2:30 pm Eastern

Place: #Evergreen IRC channel. Anyone interested in reports is welcome to attend.

  1. Introductions and Volunteer for Minutes (we will also attempt to use the bot)
  2. Review and approval of the Notes
  3. Old Business and updates
    1. Documentation
      1. Please review what exists and submit what is needed to Jessica (jventuro(at)biblio(dot)org)
      2. Site-specific documentation can be linked to the DocuWiki Page. This documentation may be of use to other Evergreen sites!
    2. Development
      1. Brief update on PINES reports development
      2. Bibliomation report developments
      3. Any other development projects in the works?
    3. Anything else from past meetings?
  4. New Business
    1. Review of the "Future of the Reports Task Force" discussion from the reports listserv
      1. Possible name change from "Reports Task Force" to "Reports Interest Group"
      2. Bimonthly meeting schedule, with meetings in September, November, January, March, at the conference in April, and May
        1. Proposed time and date for next meeting: November 16th at 2:30 PM
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