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Troubleshooting: Problems compiling Evergreen

apr.h error (apr_off_t)


Error message returned during make:

In file included from /usr/include/httpd/ap_config.h:25,
                      from /usr/include/httpd/httpd.h:43,
                      from apachetools.h:1,
                      from apachetools.c:1:
/usr/include/apr-1/apr.h:270: error exprected '=', ',',':', 'asm' or
'__attribute__' before 'apr_off_t'


On February 22nd (1), Bill committed a patch to the 1_0 and HEAD branches that respects CFLAGS settings for x86-32 platforms, specifically to address this problem on 32-bit Debian. A similar problem has been reported on Fedora Core 5. To avoid this error, use the following command to make Evergreen:


*1 See

Problem with Can't call method "opac_visible"


When running to generate the required catalogue files, you receive the following output:

Updating fieldmapper
Updating web_fieldmapper
Updating OrgTree
removing OrgTree from the cache...
Updating OrgTree HTML
Can't call method "opac_visible" on an undefined value at line 28.


Open your opensrf.xml file and ensure that the value of the <driver> elements in the /opensrf/default/apps/open-ils.cstore/app_settings and the /opensrf/default/apps/open-ils.reporter-store/app_settings sections is pgsql, not Pg. The driver for any applications with <language>C</language> must be pgsql, which specifies the corresponding libdbi / libdbdpgsql drivers written in C.

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