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Troubleshooting problems with the catalog

Problem: Search runs forever

There are a number of reasons that can cause searches to never return results. has not been run recently

Every time you change your org_unit hierarchy, you have to run to regenerate the JavaScript representation of the hierarchy for the catalog. If you forget to do this, it can prevent searches from working properly.

Check your org unit hierarchy

Run the following query in psql against your Evergreen database to display the depths of each org_unit in the hierarchy:

SELECT, aou.parent_ou, aou.shortname, aout.depth,
FROM actor.org_unit aou 
INNER JOIN actor.org_unit_type aout 
ON (aou.ou_type =
ORDER BY aout.depth;

Sample output

 id | parent_ou | shortname  | depth |        name        
  1 |           | CONIFER    |     0 | Consortium
  2 |         1 | LUSYS      |     1 | System
  3 |         2 | JND        |     1 | Branch

If you meant for your hierarchy to look like this:

Consortium (CONIFER)
   |->System (LUSYS)
        |-> Branch (JND)

, then in the sample output the value of the depth column for the actor.org_unit_type database entry for Branch should be 2 instead of the current value of 1.

XMLENT XML Parse Error in Apache error logs

If your Apache error log contains the following line, you probably have mod_deflate enabled in your Apache configuration:

XMLENT XML Parse Error: not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1:
  parsing /openils/var/web/conify/global/admin.html: data \x1f\x8b\b, 
  referer: http://localhost/

You need to disable mod_deflate. To disable mod_deflate, issue the following command as root:

a2dismod deflate
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