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Staff Client Wishlist - User Comments

Default Tab Portal

-> I have no idea what this means, but it is currently in active development. As such, it is suggested that discussion takes place on the Open-ILS general discussion listserv. (dmcmorris 20060705)

This is referring to the empty screen real estate that we have with a blank tab in the staff client. We could do such things as put alternative buttons for launching circ interfaces here, or do dashboard style mini-reports, perhaps with RSS aggregation. (jason 20060823)

Intra-staff client IM

dmcmorris 20060705

Hmm… You have the Jabber server, but if authentication is added or somebody uses a jserver with internal authentication, you wouldn't want to maintain a separate user DB just for that. As such, you will probably have to encapsulate conversations under a generic name (or make it an OpenSRF subsystem).

There will be the possibility of having 1 user signed in at multiple machines (generic circulation accounts) or multiple users signed it at one machine (IE: Terminal Server), so you can't really address by user or machine. You almost have to address by session number.

You will need a directory of who's online, and where at. IE: – User (Workstation@location:session) – - Admin (DBServer@PINES:100) - JSmith (TechSvcs14@ARL-ATH:121) - WillieMakit (PCFurthestFromRestroom@ARL-ATH:117)

Also, I would think "Discussion Groups" should exist. For example, "ARL-ATH Virtual Reference", "ARL-ATH Tech Services", "Pines DB Develoopers". Say a user wants to contact a person in Reference at ARL-ATH, but doesn't care who, they can do a "Ticket" to one of the groups with a brief description. The online members of the group could see this brief description, and can take the ticket.

The IM feature I see as having further potential also, specifically Virtual Reference through the OPAC. I would just keep this in mind.

Just some ideas to get started I guess… –Don (dmcmorris 20060705)

Patron Address Sorting

Entered as bug 154 (marked as enhancement). Should patron addresses be sorted automatically by label (alphabetically)? –DM (dmcmorris 20061101)

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