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Website Migration

This is a documentation of the process for migrating data from the old web server to the new one being generously setup by PINES for the community.

Server we are migrating to

Check List

  • phasefx has proof-of-concepted wiki and blog migration

Note: On Penguin DokuWiki and wordpress were installed from package, on lupin we will install from source.

  • need to setup a system for backups on the new server
  • get folks to test the results
  • turn off access to dokuwiki edits and do final migration of data
  • set date to flip the DNS switch
  • document how different parts of the website work
    • - Dan Scott currently runs that on his server (also visible at; it's just a simple Planet Venus instance with a slightly customized header. It should be easy enough to check the customizations and configuration file into a repository and have pull the config from there on an hourly basis (or something like that) so that anybody interested in updating the config file would just need to be given commit access to the repository. (Might need to think for a bit about other approaches if automating the pull of that config introduces the possibility of exploits of other stuff running on my server, which would be ++ungood). For now, at least, here's a bzr repo of the current code:
    • - just a DNS entry that points to Robert Souilliere's server; most of their code is at
  • tsbere thinks that an occasional "export all the pages and check that into SVN automatically if different" could work for a wiki-ized or CMS-ized site (phasefx likes ILS-Contrib/, because if the "trusted sys admins" ever go insane, then the community could fork wiki-ized the content)
  • look at wiki-fying or using a CMS the whole site.
  • ensure that public_html home directories are correctly setup and available and/or migrate the public_html content to other web-accessible locations.
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