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Evergreen Website Planning Team - Basic Information

The Evergreen Communications Committee was formed at the Evergreen 2010 Conference and has been charged with helping to organize (and possibly develop) the online resources needed by the greater Evergreen community.

The Committee has decided that one of our priorities should be to identify all the user groups, undertake a needs assessment process, and perform a content inventory in order to develop a plan for revamping the website. The goal is to make it easier for the various user communities (developers, Evergreen users, Evergreen project managers, and the maybe-users) to plug in, and find what they need. We believe that much of the content is out there, but it could be better organized. And, we hope to lower the threshold for getting more people involved in contributing content and maintaining the site.

As a first step, we have consulted with many of the original developers of the Evergreen website including the folks at Georgia PINES (Elizabeth McKinney and Chris Sharp), Equinox (Jason Etheridge), and Dan Scott. They will act as advisors as we move forward with this website planning project.

The Communications Committee has created a smaller Website Planning Team to focus on this work. The Website Planning Team is being led by Jim Craner (RSCEL website developer and a long time member of other open source communities and community development projects).

The Website Planning Team currently consists of the following:

* Jim Craner (Galecia Project Manager/Drupal Developer)

* Lori Ayre (Galecia/KCLS IMLS Consultant)

* Anoop Atre, PALS (Minnesota)

* Amy Terlaga, Bibliomation (Connecticut)

* June Rayner, EINetwork (Pennsylvania)

* Kathy Lussier, MassLNC (Massachusetts)

Note: The Evergreen Communications Committee is a sub-committee of the Evergreen Governance Committee, the group responsible for forming the legal entity (often referred to as the Evergreen Foundation) that will hold Evergreen assets on behalf of the community. This work is in process.

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