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Community Input, Feedback, and Surveys

Goals and Methods of Community Input Solicitation

  • Diversity of targets, responses (various stakeholder groups, audience/user/visitor groups)
  • High response rate (we don't really have a denominator for response rate calculation)
  • Depth of responses ("I like blogs" vs. "I would like to see a feature wishlist system with specific features X, Y, and Z")
  • Make it easy for community members to suggest miscellaneous requests and suggestions (unstructured)
  • Provide structured feedback opps – e.g., "would you prefer Feature A to be implemented as X or as Y?" or "Rank Features A through G in preferred order"

Community Website Survey 1 - Draft

We discussed having a general survey applicable to most members of the community and having targeted conversations with key groups within the community (Report Task Force, Doc Interest Grp, Developer Community, etc.)

One of the major classes/divisions of website visitors that we've already determined is that of Potential Implementers vs. Existing Users/Devs/Admins. We obviously can't expect significant input from the Potential Implementers group, so the feedback we get from this survey should be used to prioritize features/content for the Existing Community Member group.

Draft SurveyMonkey Survey

Possible survey mechanisms:

  • Rank items A - J in order of importance from #1 - #10
  • How important is Feature X on a scale of 1 - 5?
  • How important is Feature X: Critical, Optimal, or Don't Care?

Since we're considering basic strategic goals at this point, I suggest we survey on some big-picture topics and put them in user-feature terms.

  • I want to receive news about improvements/developments of Evergreen software
  • I want to receive news and information about the greater Evergreen community
  • I want to be notified about Evergreen-related events such as webinars, training workshops, and conferences
  • I want to receive Evergreen troubleshooting/support assistance via an online forum
  • I want to view the latest authoritative ( || "official") Evergreen documentation
  • I want to participate in an online Evergreen user forum (implementation)
  • I want to be more informed ( || participate in) the Evergreen developer community
  • I want to connect with other Evergreen users in my geographic area
  • I want to see resources concerning Evergreen implementation
  • I want to see resources concerning Evergreen maintenance and support
  • I want to participate in the Evergreen improvement/development/advancement process
  • I want to contribute resources our organization has created concerning Evergreen implementation

Other potential survey questions based on user roles:

1. What roles do you play on your Evergreen project? (check all that apply)

  • System Administration
  • Application Administration and Support
  • Developer
  • Trainer
  • Library staff member
  • Service provider
  • Manager
  • Other (please describe)

2. Do you subscribe to any of the following lists? (check all that apply)

  • General Discussion List
  • Documentation Discussion List
  • Technical Discussion List
  • Evergreen SVN Commit List
  • OpenSRF SVN Commit List

3. Have you contributed content to

  • If yes, what type of content?
  • If no, why not?

4. What types of content do you most often access on (Check all that apply)

  • Documentation
  • Blogs
  • Downloads
  • Links to other sites

5. Were you able to find what you were looking for on

  • If yes, was it easy to find?
  • If no, what were you looking for that you didn’t find?

6. Based on the user stories developed by the web team, what do you feel are the most important functions of the site? (1 – Very Important, 2 – Important, 3 – Nice to Have, 4 – Extraneous))

  • General information applicable to the entire Evergreen community (i.e. news, events, governance, roadmaps)
  • Identify individuals within the Evergreen community with particular skills or interests.
  • Help potential Evergreen users to help them determine whether Evergreen is a good fit for their organization.
  • Help potential service providers determine what Evergreen related services they can provide.
  • Help new Evergreen users with their implementation.
  • Help existing Evergreen users support and expand their implementation
  • Help new developers get started
  • Help new documentors get started
  • Other (please describe)


  • The concept of Evergreen "project directory" or "organizational directory" is something that has been discussed and prototyped during our RSCEL work so far. Instead of just saying "we need an Evergreen directory," I want us to consider who wants such a directory and why. Actual activities/requirements should be added based on that info. The Governance Committee, for instance, would want to have a master directory of EG projects/people for different activities than typical EG users. For the list above, I'd like to envision what the typical user would do with that directory, and how they would use it to communicate or collaborate with other EG users.
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