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This document is a discovery/analysis of existing sites and services that comprise the Evergreen online ecosystem.

Primary website

  • DokuWiki-based website hosted by GA PINES (contact: Elizabeth McKinney and Chris Sharp)
  • links to offsite demos and development resources
  • download/implementation information
  • information about connecting to the developer community (feature requests, support, etc.)
  • developers' roadmap

Evergreen Community Aggregator

  • Planet-type aggregator site for the Evergreen community.

RSCEL (Resource Sharing Coop of EG Libraries)

  • Drupal site, maintained by The Galecia Group as part of the KCLS Evergreen Community Grant administration.
  • EG feature index/comparator (via OSOL)
  • EG feature request ("user ideas" aka enhancement tracker)
  • KCLS requirement priority application (beta)
  • EG organization/institution profile (beta)
  • content subscriptions / notifications
  • links to offsite demos and dev

Launchpad - Developer Portal

The EG developer community utilizes a Launchpad service for software development functionality, including bug tracking, user support forums, and version control.

Email Lists

IRC Channel

Developers, contributors, and users meet via IRC (Internet Relay Chat) on the Freenode IRC Network. The page above lists basic info about connecting to Freenode along with links to regular chat archival pages.

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