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Idea Percolator Workflow (Draft)

  1. User comes up with great idea for improving Evergreen.
  2. User searches percolator to see if the idea has already been suggested or is being implemented.
  3. User submits the idea, also using tag or category to identify cases where the user is willing to contribute funds, but is seeking co-sponsors or is planning to fund it, but is first seeking community feedback.
  4. Once submitted, percolator analyzes keywords to determine if it may be a duplicate. Presents possible duplicates to users.
    1. Is it a duplicate?
      1. Yes, go to step 6.
      2. No. User completes submission
  5. Community maintainers and other interested individuals are alerted of the new submission.
    1. Aware of similar idea or ongoing project (check Git Repository and Launchpad as well as doublecheck Percolater)?
      1. Yes, adds an explanatory comment with a link to the ongoing project, possibly changing the status of the idea to cancelled.
  6. Others interested in the enhancement cast a vote for the idea and add comments/use cases for how it might be implemented in their organization.
  7. Ideas with the most votes/activity float to the top of the percolator.
  8. Idea moves forward (or not) in one of the following ways:
    1. Developer with similar interest or looking for projects to get started in Evergreen adopts an idea. Changes the status to “under development.” Idea moves into Launchpad as a wishlist item with more technical details about implementation.
    2. Organization with sufficient funding contracts with developer/vendor to implement. Status is changed to under development.
    3. Organization decides it is willing to contribute funds to the idea, but needs co-sponsors. Changes category or tag to “seeking co-sponsors.”
    4. Idea gets no funding or development support. Sinks to the bottom of the percolator.

See Implementation Options Page!


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