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Web Team Meeting: June 2013


Action Items from Last Meeting

  1. bshum to start planning of transition to
    • Status
  2. moodaepo to continue working on test site
    • Status
  3. StephenGWills to work on member directory/map for web site.
    • Status
  4. hbrennan and kmlussier to work on layout/design issues for downloads page.
    • Status
  5. kmlussier to start discussion about when to meet / how to meet / why to meet / and where to meet.
    • Status - When sending out the last Doodle poll, I suggested that the poll would also determine the regular meeting time for the Web team. That would make it 12 p.m. EDT on the fourth Thursday of the month.

New Business

  1. Finding volunteers to be content editors and/or website librarians
  2. 2014 Conference web site
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