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Web Team Meeting: August 15, 2013


Action Items from Last Meeting

  1. moodaepo to e-mail link to test site to the list for feedback.
    • Status:
  2. StephenGWills to work on member directory/map for web site.
    • Status:
  3. hbrennan and kmlussier to work on layout/design issues for downloads page.
    • Status: kmlussier made contact with hbrennan about the downloads page and will report back on the web team list once we come up with some ideas.
  4. kmlussier will send out another Doodle to schedule a regular meeting time.
    • Status: Done
  5. Rogan_ to send e-mail to general list seeking volunteers for content editors / website librarians.

New Business

  1. Update on Word Press conversion.
  2. Content editors / website librarians.
  3. Hosting of Conference Web Sites
  4. Web team meeting dates
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