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Web Team Meeting: October 17, 2013

10 AM Pacific, 1 PM Eastern, 17:00 UTC

Location: #Evergreen IRC Channel on the Freenode network. More info


Action Items from Last Meeting

  1. kmlussier to convert committes page to a WordPress page so that it can be included in the "get involved" section.
  2. graced to do mockups for downloads page.
  3. RoganH to continue roles discussion via e-mail on the web team list.
    1. Status: Not much has happened. I haven't had a chance to really push that conversation but want to get feedback from folks who may have had more time to think about it. Original proposal is here:

New Business

  1. Grace asked about doing more mockups versus experimenting with the page.
  2. Erica has been doing great work as wiki wrangler. Pages that need updating: - at one point the idea was thrown out, should we scrap the existing wiki and build a new one? There has been some interest but I think folks are hesitant to say it publicly for fear of being seen as dismissive of good past work.
  3. Rogan has proposed adding a header to out of date pages, something similar to :
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