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Web Team / Communications Committee Meeting, January 5, 2011

Attendance: Anoop Atre, June Rayner, Chris Sharp, Jed Moffitt, Amy Terlaga, Jim Craner

Absent: Lori Ayre, Kate Sheehan, Kathy Lussier

User Stories Jim will re-organize and re-group the user stories so that they're in two categories – one that has functionality and one that has content.

Jim hopes to have these done by next Tuesday. Functionality will focus on the technical side of things. Content will be be more people-oriented and will need volunteers to help develop the content for the website.

The Community Jim would like us to consider which people categories (e.g., Patty Potential, Addie Admin) are more popular than others.

Ways to help determine which proposed content is more in demand than others - community survey, webpage analytics.

Jed wants to be able to point people to an Evergreen site and email so that people he's talked to about Evergreen can then get help elsewhere. The group agreed that the existing Evergreen website should do that. Amy sent Jed the email from the website that he could share with interested Evergreen libraries (

Survey Jim suggested that the group conduct a survey of the Evergreen community. His initial thoughts on that survey can be found here:

June and Amy suggested that pulling from the user stories and adding them to Jim's proposed survey questions might be beneficial.

Next week, after our Wednesday meeting, June will distill the user stories and Jim survey questions to make the survey.

The Future Jim – By mid-February we'll have our big picture outlined. What then?

Will we just improve existing website? Anoop, Chris, and Jason were working on fixing some links on the existing website. They were also working on moving the site over to a new server. They had plans to put Drupal on it. GPLS is providing the environment. Chris isn't sure where the group is with this project. Amy will check with Anoop.

Jim – If the existing platform is used, there will be limitations. How do we decide how best to implement the big picture after our planning is completed?

Chris – the email list has to wait – a new IP scheme needs to be implemented first. Chris expects that the email list should be ready within the month.

Next meeting – Wednesday, January 12th, 9:30am PST/12:30pm EST

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