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Evergreen Web Team Meeting Wednesday, January 19, 2010

Present: Jim Craner, Lori Ayre, June Rayner, Amy Terlaga, Kathy Lussier


User Stories Jim asked everyone if they looked at the revised user stories document. See

Lori would like the document to be more user friendly. Lori would like an introductory paragraph explaining the purpose and context of the document.

Jim will write something up to add to this document so that it is ready for public consumption.

Amy asked about the user directory entry. She wanted to make sure that there was a place that mentioned a user's ability to create their own directory entry.

Jim changed the wording: User can create a record for themselves and their organization with optional information about their implementation. User can search a database of people, Evergreen implementations, organizations, and other resources by certain criteria such as geographical area or specialty.

Lori suggested that Jim write the introductory passage to this consolidated document and have the team look at it again. Jim will send it to the whole web team by email by this Friday. There will be a deadline for modifications – Tuesday, January 25th. Lori will be the final editor of this document.

The Survey June contributed her questions to the survey questions Jim had started. The goal is to keep the survey short.

June was wondering how we would administer the survey. For the various website features, June listed out some with the rating scheme of – 1 - Very Important, 2 – Important, 3 – Nice to Have, 4 – Extraneous Discussion ensued regarding what potential website features should be included in the survey.

Amy volunteered to put together the survey in SurveyMonkey. There will be an introduction that will explain the back story behind the story.

On Wednesday, January 26th, the team will work more on the survey. Prior to that meeting, each team member will send their suggestions for survey modifications via email. All changes will be sent to Jim by the 31st end of day so that Jim can compile and send to Amy. Amy will then work on creating the survey in SurveyMonkey for launching later that week. Jim will also be working on the skeletal web plan for early February as well.

The web team will meet again on Wednesday, January 26th, at 9:30amPST/12:30pmEST.

Edit (1/25/11): Meeting schedule has been changed. Next meeting - Thursday, January 27th, 2011 – 2:00pm EST /11:00am PST

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