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Attending: Anoop, June, Kathy, Kate, Steve Wills, Lori, Jim, John (PLS/PLAN)

Discussed evaluation done by Kathy, Anoop and Amy on the existing site.

Agreed to:

  1. Steve Wills will go through existing FIXIT pages on site and help determine which ones really need fixing versus those that should simply be deleted.
  2. Kathy will put together a wiki page that captures some of the ToDos from the Hit Teams work so that people can easily jump in and tackle them if they are inspired
  3. Anoop will talk to Jason and Dan about using Google Analytics on the site (or possibly awstats if Google is a no go). Jim available to help implement.
  4. Anoop, Kathy and Amy are looking at example guidelines for contributing content (from other community projects) and will begin working on some suggestions for us to review. The goal is to advertise to the community "how" to contribute to the wiki and provide guidelines about doing so.

Tabled until next week:

  1. Discussion of survey (49 people responded). Please look over the response so we can discuss next steps. 2) Jim will have a more complete draft of a web plan for us to discuss.
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