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  • Folks on the call: Jim, June, Amy, Anoop (Steve, Kate, and Lori reported they wouldn't make it)
  • Discussed Anoop's preview of his EG site redesign, layout problems have been fixed.
  • Galen likes it, Dan is willing to deploy it new layout/structure
  • Everyone generally assented to this being cool
  • We don't like the "Documentation >> Process Documentation >> XXX" menu structure and may change


  • The philosophical, sociological, and semantic consequences of various phrases was discussed, e.g.,

"contribute to website" vs. "contribute to wiki" vs. "contribute to Dokuwiki"

  • Everyone gave Anoop mad props for his work on this!
  • Anoop has draft change suggestions for my plan that he will integrate once I wikify the plan draft this

weekend. Changes integrated. –jfc

  • Next meeting will be 4/14 and we'll discuss Jim's plan draft as well as any other changes to the website

that folks have suggested.

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