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Attending: Amy Kathy June Jim Lori Kate

I. Idea Percolator review of

discussion of differences between Sitka's IdeaTorrent and the EG community needs

* role of Percolator Champion – encompasses a moderator/janitor role and a cheerleader/facilitator role

Idea Percolator Implementation Options:

a) IdeaTorrent (Amy/Kate) b) Standalone (or RSCEL-hosted) Drupal app (Jim/Lori) c) Redmine/RT/other open source request app (Jim/Lori) d) Use a set of wiki pages for this (June) e) Launchpad Blueprints (Kathy)

JC to make initial wiki page outlining these options and then people will fill out info about their respective options

Kathy to email Gen and Dev lists about our Idea Percolator discussion thus far and link to workflow and invite comment

II. Big Picture / Communications Committee Activities

* Need for brief comms policy outlining basic usage policies / participation guidelines for all EG communications channels

* June to find old comms policy doc that was sent to gen list last year, possibly collaborate with Michelle Montague of Oversight Board

III. Evergreen Developer Starter Kit Lori's new EG starter kit – available here:

List of core contributors:

IV. More website improvements Anoop/Amy seeking volunteers for additional website improvements per:

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