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Amy, Kathy, June, Lori, Jim, Kate

* Discussion of pluses and minuses of Idea Percolator Implementation Options: – IdeaTorrent – existing Wiki – (custom) – Launchpad / Blueprints

"Blueprints" system is good for formal collaborative spec definition but just using the Launchpad system and submitting feature requests the way bug reports are submitted could work well – IFF the developers are cool with us being in there.

Kathy to investigate Launchpad further; Amy to reach out to Ben.

There is a demo/sandbox version of the EG Launchpad Implementation:

We will all put our pros and cons and other thoughts on the Idea Percolator Implementation Options page:

* June's communications guidelines:

We all like these guidelines a lot. If these are approved by Oversight/Gov (LBA to share with them), then we'll a) regularly publish to the mailing list and b) prominently post on the website.

* Next meeting 01 Dec 2011 at the usual time with the usual suspects :)

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