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Participation Guidelines for Evergreen Communication Channels

Ask questions of general interest to the community or to a specific group on one of the Evergreen mailing lists. If your question is more specific, like “I’m installing this and I have a particular error message,” try asking your question on the IRC channel. Always make a point of reporting back to the mailing lists when you've gotten answers to your questions off-list.

The IRC channel is a synchronous channel where people are logged in and available for asking questions. Sometimes the channel may be very quiet (more community members are active in American Time Zones). Other times it is very busy like when a community meeting is being held. If there’s a community meeting in progress, please refrain from comments unrelated to the meeting topic at hand until the meeting is over.

Add events of general interest to the community on the Evergreen calendar, especially any meetings that are going to use the IRC channel.

Propose ideas and ask for feedback on one of the Evergreen mailing lists. Some proposals may ask for feedback by a certain date, and if there’s no objections, the proposedsolution will move forward.

Use the general mailing list to announce events of general interest to the community or to the group that subscribes to the list. If there’s more of a story consider a blog posting. Or, you may participate in one of the Evergreen related blogs that are aggregated at Planet Evergreen. Or, start your own blog!

Use the Evergreen Launchpad to search for and post new bugs. Use Launchpad's search feature to see if the bug you wish to report already exists. If it doesn't, report it!

Post information about committees and working groups meeting notes and other working documents on the Wiki

Use the Evergreen Wiki to post member contributed documentation of all kinds

Use the Evergreen mailing lists to share details about a development project you are pursuing or to provide updates on a development project in progress.

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