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In fall 2010, the Website Planning Team approved the following preliminary list of strategic goals and related requirements for a proposed Evergreen community website, based on input from team members and community members on the EG general mailing list. Strategic goals are high-level objectives and requirements are specific tactical objectives to help achieve those objectives. These goals and requirements will inform the specific user stories that we'll use when planning site specifics. Please submit any suggested additions or modifications to this page to the general mailing list.

Strategic Goal #1: Provide an easy-to-use, comprehensive portal supporting the community of Evergreen users, future users, and developers

  • Requirement: Provide a community platform to help foster relationships between and among existing and future Evergreen users, libraries, and administrators
  • Requirement: Provide a centralized location, as appropriate, for Evergreen feature information, documentation, and software downloads.
  • Requirement: Provide a searchable directory of willing Evergreen community members and mentors.
  • Requirement: Enable more effective indexing and searching across Evergreen online properties

Strategic Goal #2: Support growth of a healthy developer community

  • Requirement: Provide additional effective platforms, where appropriate, for Evergreen developers to communicate with each other and with Evergreen users
  • Requirement: Provide technical information needed by current and future Evergreen developers
  • Requirement: Provide a mechanism for Evergreen users to share development plans, co-sponsor development projects, and learn how to submit development requests and bug reports
  • Requirement: Provide opportunities for developers to get acknowledgement for their efforts on behalf of the Evergreen community.

Strategic Goal #3: Facilitate development of multi-faceted support network for Evergreen users.

  • Requirement: Provide an effective platform that allows for multiple Evergreen support channels and relationships
  • Requirement: Provide a directory of entities providing services to Evergreen users.
  • Requirement: Ensure the barrier is low for communicating directly with developers and other Evergreen users

Strategic Goal #4: Help encourage widespread adoption of Evergreen by the library community worldwide.

  • Requirement: Provide a centralized location for information about Evergreen news and information
  • Requirement: Provide evaluation, comparison, funding, and migration-related information for potential Evergreen implementers

EG community members:

Please review this draft set of strategic objectives and requirements (draft two) and provide any suggestions or comments to the general mailing list. We are also seeking your feedback on the user roles we have developed.

Web Team Working Notes

Content used for discussion prior to the requirements approved above included the following:

For each strategic goal identified, one or more related requirements can be established. For example:

Strategic goal: Encourage organic growth of the EG ecosystem.

Related requirement: Provide a community platform to foster relationships between existing EG users, libraries, and administrators.


  • Strategic goals of the community members
  • Strategic goals of the funding grant
  • Strategic goals of other stakeholders

Examples from original planning document:

Encourage use of revamped online resources by all audiences => Provide a well-structured (user-friendly, easy to navigate) portal for all Evergreen audience groups

Encourage growth of a healthy developer community => Provide an effective developer platform for EG developers

Encourage a vibrant, user-driven support community for the EG support process => Provide an effective support platform with multiple support channels for EG users

Encourage organic growth of the EG ecosystem => Provide a community platform to foster relationships between existing EG users, libraries, and administrators

Encourage widespread adoption, where appropriate, of EG software => Provide a centralized location for EG- and migration-related information for potential EG implementers

Provide a one-stop portal for EG news and information =>

Kathy's strategic goals - I took Jim's advance and did not look at the examples when I came up with these, and you'll see there is some overlap.

  • Facilitate a community support network for Evergreen users
  • Encourage the Evergreen community to share activities and experiences.
  • Provide a centralized location to share Evergreen news and events

From IMLS Grant:

  • Promote OSLS adoption by articulating the benefits to libraries.
  • Increase participation in OSLS projects.
  • Make open source conversions a viable option for public libraries by providing infrastructure elements related to planning, implementation, training, development, and support.
  • Develop a new model of peer-to-peer support for open source libraries.

Posted by June Rayner from

NI has three strategic community focus areas, including content exchange, technical collaboration, and rewards and reputation, which positively alter its relationship with engineers and scientists while accomplishing the following support-oriented objectives:

  • Increase quantity, quality and diversity of user-submitted, support content
  • Connect like-minded users based on geography, product, and application area to improve peer support network
  • Obtain valuable feedback on NI products and services
  • Energize and nurture core influencers
  • Create a unified rewards program for community participation
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