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III. Strategic Goals and Requirements

Instead of diving into technical minutiae or discussions about specific software, the Team began with a high-level strategic planning exercise. Web Team members brainstormed a list of strategic goals that would need to be met by an ideal online platform, then refined this list (which included soliciting feedback from the entire community via the general email list).

Several high-level strategic goals were approved. Each goal also includes some associated requirements, which are the details needed to satisfy the goal.

Strategic Goal #1: Provide an easy-to-use, comprehensive portal supporting the community of Evergreen users, future users, and developers

1. Requirement: Provide a community platform to help foster relationships between and among existing and future Evergreen users, libraries, and administrators

2. Requirement: Provide a centralized location, as appropriate, for Evergreen feature information, documentation, and software downloads

3. Requirement: Provide a searchable directory of willing Evergreen community members and mentors

4. Requirement: Enable more effective indexing and searching across Evergreen online properties

Strategic Goal #2: Support growth of a healthy developer community

1. Requirement: Provide additional effective platforms, where appropriate, for Evergreen developers to communicate with each other and with Evergreen users

2. Requirement: Provide technical information needed by current and future Evergreen developers

3. Requirement: Provide a mechanism for Evergreen users to share development plans, co-sponsor development projects, and learn how to submit development requests and bug reports

4. Requirement: Provide opportunities for developers to get acknowledgement for their efforts on behalf of the Evergreen community

Strategic Goal #3: Facilitate development of multi-faceted support network for Evergreen users

1. Requirement: Provide an effective platform that allows for multiple Evergreen support channels and relationships

2. Requirement: Provide a directory of entities providing services to Evergreen users

3. Requirement: Ensure the barrier is low for communicating directly with developers and other Evergreen users

Strategic Goal #4: Help encourage widespread adoption of Evergreen by the library community worldwide

1. Requirement: Provide a centralized location for information about Evergreen news and information

2. Requirement: Provide information for potential Evergreen implementers about evaluation, comparison, funding, migration, and other relevant topics

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