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IV. The Evergreen Online Community

The Evergreen community as a whole operates as a virtual community with the exception of occasional face-to-face meetings at conferences, sector events, etc. A number of different online properties are maintained by various community members.

1. Main Website: /

The current community website serves as a home for the Evergreen software itself as well as many of the project's “official” resources. The site is a combination of static HTML and the DokuWiki collaborative documentation platform operated somewhat informally by a group of developers. Recently, members of the Web Planning Team and other community members have begun work on incremental improvements to the existing site, such as improving navigation. (and, which is a domain redirect) provide:

a. Download and implementation information

b. Links to off-site demonstrations and development resources

c. Information about connecting with the Evergreen developer community

d. Developers' road map

e. Links to non-development-related project efforts such as the Governance Committee, Communications Committee, and Documentation Interest Group.

2. Developer Collaboration Website:

The primary collaboration platform for the Evergreen development community is a Launchpad instance. Developers utilize this service for bug tracking, user support, and version control.

3. Documentation Website:

The official documentation repository for Evergreen, this site is maintained by Evergreen's Documentation Interest Group (DIG) using DocBook software.

4. Community Aggregator Website:

Like many “planet” sites, is a blog aggregator for the community, collecting and displaying Evergreen-related content from multiple blogs and other sites. This site was setup by community member dan -at- coffeecode -dot- net.

5. User Group Website:

RSCEL, the Resource Sharing Cooperative of Evergreen Libraries, is a collaboration of various libraries and consortia using the Evergreen ILS. The RSCEL site offers resources for existing Evergreen users as well as information for potential users that are considering a migration to Evergreen for their library. While the primary website is focused primarily on the Evergreen software and its development, RSCEL's online resources are aimed at users “before the software” (decision-makers) and “beyond the software” (user- and implementation-specific resources). The RSCEL website provides:

  1. Evergreen feature index and software comparison matrix
  2. Evergreen feature request/wishlist tracker (beta)
  3. KCLS Requirement Prioritization Application (beta)
  4. Evergreen organization/institution profile directory (beta)
  5. Ability to be notified of new Evergreen-related content
  6. Links to off-site demonstrations and development resources

The RSCEL website is built using Drupal and maintained by The Galecia Group on behalf of the Evergreen community.

6. Email Lists: Email List Info

Georgia Public Library Services provides an email list server for use by the Evergreen community and various teams within the community. The “General” list is the primary vehicle for community-based user support in the Evergreen community, as well as Evergreen-related news, announcements, and other content. In addition, separate mailing lists are used for collaboration by the Evergreen developers, the Documentation Interest Group, and the Communications Committee. All mailing lists are publicly archived at the URL listed above.

7. IRC (Internet Chat): IRC Info

Many Evergreen developers and other community members are active in the Evergreen chat room on the Freenode Internet Relay Chat (IRC) service. In addition to being a venue for possible real-time support, the chat room is also used for community and developer meetings. All IRC transcripts are archived onto the web at the URL listed above.

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