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This is a list of recommendations that came out from a sub-group of the webteam. Please pick any of the To-Dos you would like to help with and make a note on this page that you have volunteered to complete the task.


  • PARTLY DONE: New categories have been identified through this evaluation process like "Migration Resources", "News", etc. [NEED HELP - PLEASE SUGGEST OTHER CATEGORIES THAT WOULD BE USEFUL]
  • PARTLY DONE: Recommend that the "documentation page" be re-written and clarify what official and un-official means. Take out "1.6 (draft)" since it is not needed. Have drop down links for wiki and official documentation. [NEED HELP - CONTACT DIG FOLKS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE PAGE AND TAKE OUT REFERENCES TO "(draft)"]
  • PARTLY DONE: Blending RSCEL and EG web site together (EG is more comprehensive, RSCEL has more detailed information.). Contact Bob to see if we can include his Google map on this page. NEED HELP]
  • PARTLY DONE: Move this to the About us section and add a quick link. Add information on why a library should use open source. [NEED HELP TO WRITE UP INFORMATION - WHY OPEN SOURCE?]
  • We recommend that someone draft a "Why open source?" paragraph to be added to this page [NEED HELP - RE-USE CONTENT FROM PREVIOUS]
  • Create a "why evergreen" page. [NEED HELP TO WRITE UP INFORMATION - WHY EVERGREEN?]
  • NEEDS RE-ORG: Community Produced Documentation start page has turned into a dumping ground for anything that needs a home, needs a link. This page should be re-organized [NEED HELP]
  • Weed out data and re-write information. This is not an easy task since it took quite a while for the three of us to dig through multiple versions of information when we did the site evaluation. Our charge was just addressing some scenarios provided by the web team not a broader analysis of data/updates/weeding which should be done someday. [NEED HELP - Website Crawl/Clean Fest]
  • Direct contacts: Request volunteers from different Evergreen profiles (academic/public/consortium) to be available for direct contact. This would also take some of the load off of the group that monitors the feedback mails. The involvement of IMLS grant partners would be a good start. [NEED HELP TO ROUND UP VOLUNTEERS/CONTACT INFO]
  • Direct contacts: Start with IMLS grant partners to volunteer to be contacts. [NEED HELP TO ROUND UP VOLUNTEERS/CONTACT INFO]
  • Direct contacts: We recommend that we create a page made up of volunteers willing to share their contact information and their Evergreen experiences with those who contact them. [NEED HELP TO ROUND UP VOLUNTEERS/CONTACT INFO]
  • Direct contacts for stand-alone: Ask for volunteers, those who would be willing to be contacted. [NEED HELP TO ROUND UP VOLUNTEERS/CONTACT INFO]
  • Multiple recommendations: Implement sections similar to the Koha website has which would be useful on ours.
  • Project Contact: Keep the e-mail address, but also add a link to a contact form here. [ANOOP]
  • Information for potential implementers: Start by pulling information from the RSCEL arc here, but don't display it as an arc. [NEED HELP TO TRANSFER INFORMATION]
  • Creating migration landing page and pointing to content already available. Link in with Arc and with migration documentation. Maybe add as a link to the documentation menu. [ [NEED HELP - SEE PREVIOUS]
  • Paid support: Add contact link for vendors who want to add themselves. [ANOOP]
  • Evergreen software repositories: Need to create a path to this page, reachable by the main page - [ANOOP]
  • Administration information: Needs to be reviewed, updated, linked to DIG - [ANOOP]
  • Case studies: Add to the site as soon as these case studies have been collected, summarized [NEED HELP - LORI?]
  • Stand-alone library implementation: Ask University of Prince Edward Island - for resources. (Scenario was not really clear to the sub-group - Users can find a page of resources for stand alone Evergreen libraries.) [NEED HELP]
  • Developers list: Put link into About Us tab on main page - [ANOOP]
  • Project information for translators: PAGE IS OUTDATED - NEEDS TO BE UPDATED; [NEED HELP]
  • Accessibility: Nothing to do on this yet; will follow up at a later date [NEED HELP]


  • Need to have the "Site-wide search" available on all pages. If possible provide an advanced search option where users can choose sources to search.
  • Add a section under contribute "Contribute to the website" which links to the "Wiki Guidelines" page. Where the user will see the section "Get an account" and other information. This will make it more obvious that users can add resources to the website.
  • Pull news from the Evergreen blog and the community blogs on to the home page. News from the official blog will be called Evergreen news and news from the community will be called community news.
  • Take the Dokuwiki search box down and add the Google search box on every page (possibly where the Dokuwiki search box is now.)
  • Get rid of "no download required" text on download page. Get rid of 1.2.40 demo. Put most recent demo (2.0.2) at the top of list.
  • Add this to the quick links on the home page. Add vendors that are included on the RSCEL list.
  • Home page has best overview of what EG software is, while "About Us" page has better overview of EG community. Perhaps there is a way we can merge these two into "one-pager"
  • Install/upgrade instructions: Recommendation: Link from download page
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