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This website is maintained by the Evergreen Software Governance Board (a nonprofit member of the Software Freedom Conservancy) and many members of the Evergreen ILS software community on infrastructure donated by the Georgia Public Library Service and other community partners.

Because this is a website developed and maintained by an entire community, the following rules and guidelines apply.

1) We welcome participation on this website from anyone and everyone in the greater Evergreen ILS community. To learn more about how you can participate in improving the website, documentation, or related projects, contact the Evergreen Website Team. To learn more about the Evergreen wiki, visit the EG Wiki Guidelines page.

2) Please be respectful to all other users at all times.

3) Any information that you post to this website, the EG mailing list, or the EG IRC channels is visible to the public and is archived by this website, search engines, and other third-party websites. As the EG community introduces new forms of communication, we will strive to offer appropriate privacy and contact controls. COOKIES? PRIVACY POLICY?

4) All of the content on this website and related websites (,,, etc.) has been contributed by members of the Evergreen community. All content contributed to this website is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License by the author. Any intellectual property, copyright, or DMCA concerns should be reported to the Software Freedom Conservancy.

5) None of the content on this site is provided with any guarantee or warranty for any purpose, nor will any Evergreen community member or the Software Freedom Conservancy be liable for any inaccurate information. LEGAL STUFF – SFC??

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