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Area to document wiki cleanup notes and suggestions

Steve had the following observations:

There are 41 occurrences of "Fixme" on the dokuwiki pages.

There are 0 occurrences of "Deleteme" on the site.

Following up on our idea of tagging pages for possible promotion or deletion, I would suggest that we can use the standard markup for pages as needing to be deleted or fixed.

There are 0 occurrences of "Moveme". Meaning, reassign my namespace (category).

There are currently 0 occurrences of "CCWTOK mm/dd/yy" which I propose we leave at the bottom of any page we have reviewed to mean that this is a page which has been reviewed by the Communications Committee Web Team.

I think these four simple breadcrumbs could be enough to help us keep track of what the wiki needs in the way of support.

The pages all have "Last modified: 2011/01/31 10:55 by NAME" in the lower right hand corner. If the CCWTOK mm/dd/yy is older than that last modified date, it might need to be re-reviewed.

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