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This page has been deprecated.

Please install a more recent supported version of Evergreen using the instructions referenced on this page:

Installing from Repository


Generally, you will need to follow 95% of the instructions for a normal install.

There is a step in the normal install instructions 'compile and configure Evergreen':

  cd /home/opensrf/Evergreen-ILS-
  ./configure --prefix=/openils --sysconfdir=/openils/conf

Don't do this!! Instead do the following

Instead, you will need to install the proper python tools for building locales. This can be done on Ubuntu using these commands:

sudo aptitude install translate-toolkit python-dev python-setuptools python-lxml
sudo easy_install polib
sudo easy_install simplejson

Next, you should check out the desired code bits as the opensrf user:

  sudo su - opensrf
  cd ~
  git clone git:// evergreen-trunk

Next, make an empty build folder for your locales and prepare the pot files:

cd ~/evergreen-trunk/build/i18n
mkdir locale
make newpot

Next, make the desired locales. Repeat for each locale you want:

make LOCALE=en-CA install
make LOCALE=fr-CA install

Next, you will need to download dojo and put it in your source tree:

cd /tmp
tar xvfz dojo-release-1.3.3.tar.gz
cd ~/evergreen-trunk
cp -r /tmp/dojo-release-1.3.3/* Open-ILS/web/js/dojo/.

Finally, you can run the following:

cd ~/evergreen-trunk
./configure --prefix=/openils --sysconfdir=/openils/conf

And continue on the instructions where you left off.

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