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Archived Information about the Evergreen Newsletter

This page contains outdated material and is maintained for historical purposes.

Please access The Evergreen Newsletter: Monthly Issues page to view current and past issues of the Evergreen Newsletter.

The Origin of the Evergreen Newsletter

Origin of the Evergreen Newsletter, an email from Karen Schneider to OPEN-ILS-GENERAL on Oct 27, 2008, subject heading: Material sought for first Evergreen newsletter

By popular demand, Evergreen will have its own monthly newsletter – a humble offering, but one that should be welcome. The newsletter will (at minimum) feature brief summaries and synopses of…

New Evergreen libraries

Development news

Interesting stuff emanating from Evergreen libraries and developers

Upcoming events (and recent events)

Links of interest

The newsletter will be posted on this list and on the blog. Many of its entries will be redundant for anyone already following Evergreen news very closely, but it will have the advantage of synthesis (and perhaps a few pictures).

The first deadline is very short: please have any news items to me *before* Friday, October 31. After this week, the deadlines are luxurious: you just need to have news items to me *before* the last day of the month. I will send out reminders.

Anyone who wants to assist in the editorial tasks is welcome to join me… but I'll make sure it happens every month. There's always *something* sprouting in the Evergreen forest!


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For an Internet-distributed newsletter such as this, there's arguably an implied license for what you can do with and how you can distribute the newsletter. Starting in 2010, we'd like to produce this newsletter under an explicit license, the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license, which is an open "copy-left" license similar to that used by Evergreen. If you contribute content that is copyrighted or copyrightable, please let us know if you do not agree to have it released under this license, otherwise we will assume that is okay. Thanks!

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