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Presentations given by Evergreen advocates to libraries, community groups, etc.

Evergreen Conference 2011

Thursday, April 28

State of Evergreen

PPT: soe_3b.ppt

Serials: Learning to Cope When You've Got Issues
Awash In A Sea of Connections
10 Percent Wrong 90 Done
Authority Records in Evergreen 2.0
After the Trainer Leaves
Making the Most of Evergreen Reports with Microsoft Excel
Fine Calculations Via PL/pqSQL

Friday, April 29

Xen Virtualization and Multi-brick Environment Experiences
Getting Involved in Evergreen Documentation
World Wide Web Home Page
Administering Evergreen the PINES Way
What We Learned Doing OpenSRF Java
Stuff, Stuff, and More Stuff
Testing, Testing 123

Saturday, April 30

Evergreen Governance Committee Presentation

Evergreen Conference 2010

Acquisitions Roundup, Bill Erickson
Bib Template, Dan Scott
Lifecycle of an OpenSRF Request, Scott McKellar
Migration & Training, Shae Tetterton/Sally Fortin
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