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International Evergreen Conference 2013 in Vancouver, BC By Tara Robertson

The full conference schedule is up on the website and there's a bunch of awesome sessions in both the main track and the technical track:

Two recent additions to the program include John van Rassel from the Innisfil Public Library who will talk about how migrating to Evergreen 5 years ago was a catalyst for organizational change. Innisfil PL are doing so many interesting things like a maker lab drop ins ( and planning for a maker space in their new branch. They also recently launched a community based history digitization project using Islandora at

Jeff Godin is doing a session on APIs:

We're getting close to capacity so register now:

See you in Vancouver!


IN THE SPOTLIGHT: The International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam migrates to a new version Evergreen

The International Institute of Social History in Amsterdam (IISG), the Netherlands, is pleased to announce the successful migration to a new version of Evergreen, the 2.2 rc1. The International Institute of Social History, the world's largest documentation and research center in the field of social history, that first started to use Evergreen in September 2011, just migrated for the first time to a new version, Evergreen 2.2 rc1. After an extensive research and development process the in-house developer Vyacheslav Tykhonov managed to do all the work successfully and he migrated all data to this new version. This was a very important update, which will bring substantial improvements to existing features, solving a lot of bugs. So at the moment IISG is using a good working and stable library system.

This major update brought lots of improvements to existing functions as well as some absolutely new features, like creating the possibility for any chart to be shared on any website. Basic Evergreen functionality was extended with Digital Humanities tools to make graphic representations of data stored in the library system, such as visualization tools, maps and timelines.

See for examples of these possibilities:

Pie presenting all materials stored in IISG:

Chart for all materials published from 1900 till 2000:

Chart for all materials published from 2000:

Visual material on our current queen:

Visual material on our soon to-be king:

Eva Cerninakova of the Czech Republic reports, “In January we launched Czech Evergreen DokuWiki. We are still in the beginning [stages] yet it is a very important step for the ‘miniature’ Czech Evergreen community as we hope this will help us to promote Evergreen among the libraries in the Czech Republic. Czech Evergreen DokuWiki is currently available at (for a future we are planning to open up Czech Evergreen domain).”

The COOL Consortium in Ohio would like to announce that the Worch Memorial Public Library is now live on the system. Here's a link to more information:

The Mobius Consortium in Missouri just had their ninth library system, the Albany Carnegie system, go live. A lot has happened with the Missouri Evergreen public library consortium in the last few months. Debbie Luchenbill was hired as the new Evergreen Coordinator and she began at the end of August. There are now eight (almost nine!) libraries live on the system and 16 libraries officially part of Missouri Evergreen, with more to join soon. By August of 2013, thirteen libraries will be live. MOBIUS, a nonprofit library consortium based in Columbia, MO, is hosting and managing Missouri Evergreen with LSTA funds from the Missouri State Library, a division of the Office of the Secretary of State.

If you have any news for the next issue of the Evergreen newsletter, the March-April issue, please email this news to Amy Terlaga at The next issue will be the Conference issue and will be sent out the week following the April conference.

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