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Community Communications Scenario Audit

The purpose of this page is to catalog and describe the various communications scenarios that occur between individuals and groups within the Evergreen community and the channels in which those communications occur. Please contribute improvements and additions as you see fit!


User/organization scenarios

  1. I have an idea for the Evergreen website I'd like to share. Where should I contribute my suggestion?
  2. My library has a development project and we need collaborators, what's the best approach to pursuing that?
  3. Is there anyone out there who can demonstrate Evergreen for my organization?
  4. How can we talk with other people are are just getting started evaluating Evergreen?
  5. Our organization wants to implement X. How can we get input from fellow Evergreen implementers?
  6. Our organization would like to introduce a new feature into Evergreen. How can I contact developers?
  7. I encountered an error when trying to install Evergreen and I haven't found troubleshooting info online. How can I get support?
  8. We are interested in finding a commercial service provider to manage our Evergreen implementation. How can I evaluate and contact vendors?
  9. I'm a developer interested in participating in the Evergreen development process. How can I contact other developers and get involved?

Working groups, committees, and task forces

  1. Our working group would like to contact the entire community to inform them about our work on X
  2. Our working group would like to solicit input from the developer pool about X
  3. How can I find resources / provide resources in a language other than English

Specific user groups/roles

  1. DIG communications scenarios?
  2. Developer communications scenarios?

Communication Channels

User Community

(but not necessarily developers)

  • Mailing lists: there are several public Evergreen mailing lists: a general list and several content-specific ones. More info here: The general mailing list is generally the best place to communicate with the broader Evergreen community, including support requests. Most community members subscribe to this list. Join the General Mailing list here:
  • Launchpad - This is the primary developer collaboration platform where code, bugs, and feature enhancements are tracked.
  • IRC Channel is where developers hang-out so it is a good place to get a quick answer to a question. Generally, you should check the mailing lists first (for answers to questions), or search the archives, here But don't be shy about visiting the developers in the #evergreen channel on the Freenode server (
  • The Wiki is used by everyone, this is a good place to share resources you've developed (e.g. documentation, training material, etc) with other community members. Anyone can post here. More information about contributing to the wiki, including instructions on how to get a wiki editing account, can be found on the Wiki Guidelines page.


  • IRC Channel - This is the best place to find developers and to get to know the people actually writing Evergreen code and administering systems. If you are running an Evergreen system, thinking about it, are interested in becoming a developer…this is the place to be.
  • Launchpad - This is where code, bugs, and feature enhancements are tracked.
  • Wiki

Governance/Project Oversight

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