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Getting Started on the #Evergreen IRC Channel

Connecting to IRC

  • An easy way to connect to IRC is to use the web gateway to the channel. Type a nickname in the Nickname box and then click the Start button.
  • If you have an IRC client, you should connect to the #evergreen channel on the Libera network

Chatting in IRC

Send a message

To ask a question or send a message, simply type your message into the chat box of your IRC client.


To reply or direct a comment to a particular person in the public channel, first type that person's nickname, followed by a colon. Most IRC clients will provide an alert to the user when his/her name is mentioned. In many IRC clients, you can type the first few letters of the user's nickname and then hit the <Tab> key to automatically complete the nickname.

Example question directed at kmlussier

kmlussier: Can you create a quick start guide for using IRC?

Private message

Type /msg followed by a nickname to send a private message to that user. Nobody else in the channel will see this message.

Example private message sent to kmlussier

/msg kmlussier Do you have a second to talk?


Type nickname++ to increase karma for a user that has done a good deed. Incrementing someone's karma is always appreciated, but please refrain from decrementing karma for another user with a –.

Everyone's karma is reset to 0 annually after the Evergreen conference. See Evergreen karma from previous years


Type +1 to vote or show support for an idea. Alternatively, use -1 to vote against or show opposition to an idea.

Actions (speak in third person)

To perform a virtual "action" in the channel, type /me followed by a description of the action. This will generate a statement that begins with your nickname.

Example action statement written by kmlussier

/me waves at bshum

displays as

kmlussier waves at bshum

Leave a message

To leave a message for somebody who isn't in the channel, you can type the message in the following format: @later tell nickname message. The next time the user speaks in IRC, they will receive this messsage.

Example later message

@later tell kmlussier Can you create a quick start guide for IRC?


Evergreen meetings are often held in IRC. Find useful meeting commands in the Using MeetBot for IRC Meetings guide.

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