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community demo servers

These demo servers are provided by members/organizations for use by the Evergreen Community. Please reference help/questions related to server problems to the contacts associated with server.

More documentation may be found on these pages:
Official Documentation
Community Tutorials and Documentation

Version Public Catalog / Web staff interface Client Credentials Notes
3.8.0 username: admin
password: demo123
A public demo server offered by Equinox Open Library Initiative, currently running Evergreen with the Bootstrap OPAC enabled
The database gets wiped and replaced weekly on Sunday morning.
Also supports Z39.50 (port 210, db CONS), and SIP (port 6001, user 'sipclient' pass 'demo123') .
Latest version relative to last Bug Squashing Week username: admin
password: demo123
A public demo server offered by MOBIUS
Contact: Bmagic in the #evergreen IRC channel

Version is subject to change depending on the needs of the community. Check "About" for more a more accurate version number.
3.5.1 username: kn2jpodhrazsky
password: jirip1234
A public demo server offered by Jabok Library. The demo installation is localized to Czech and contains Czech data.
Demo installation details (including a list of staff accounts, etc.).

community development servers

continuous integration

  • There is a community server provided by Equinox Open Library Initiative with hostname It is not currently running Evergreen, but shell access is available for work involving continuous integration and automated testing. If you'd like to contribute to this effort, please inquire on the OPEN-ILS-DEV mailing list and/or the #evergreen IRC channel.
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