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Evergreen release checklist

We have started to develop a release checklist (from the last Developer Meeting).

We need to enhance and agree on the checklist (ideally each step links to a more detailed process, and we're probably missing steps).

We should assign positions to names for each release so it is clear who does what.

We would like a "release coordinators" mailing list to, uhh, help coordinate the release.

We should adopt this checklist as a process, then we probably copy the page prior to each release with the names for each position.


  1. buildmaster cuts the release tarball and uploads to
  2. buildmaster uploads the ChangeLog to
  3. buildmaster creates a point-to-point version upgrade script and adds it to the Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/version_upgrade/ directory
  4. buildmaster creates the Windows staff client, computes the md5 checksum, and uploads to
  5. DIG release coordinator makes final edits to release notes, reviews for completeness
  6. testers run test cases and file bugs for broken test cases (QA team members need to add/extend/update test cases during the release cycle)
  7. testers test point-to-point version upgrade script to ensure that database schema & data is successfully migrated from previous release to new release (arguably should be part of test cases along with installing a clean database schema)
  8. (pre-beta only) release-lead coordinates with feature developers to ensure that branches were merged properly
  9. bug-wrangler changes "Fix committed" bugs to "Fix released" for that milestone
  10. bug-wrangler creates new milestone for that release
  11. web-team-member updates web site:
    1. Install instructions (convert README to HTML via asciidoc and post to /var/www/
    2. Release notes (convert docs/RELEASE_NOTES_#_#.txt to HTML via asciidoc and post to /var/www/
    3. Download page (update link to tarball, md5sum, install docs, release notes)
  12. release-lead Announces release on mailing list & blog, updates Wikipedia, foss4lib, etc. See more information
  13. outreach committee Writes press release with review and quote from release-lead and sends out to contacts on publicity checklist

Release Team Members

Evergreen 2.3

Responsibility Member(s)
release-lead Bill Erickson
release-notes-writer now a community effort
bug-wrangler Jason Stephenson

Evergreen 2.2

Responsibility Member(s)
release-lead Lebbeous Fogle-Weekley
release-notes-writer now a community effort
testers Michael Peters
bug-wrangler Jason Stephenson, Ben Shum
web-team-member Anoop Atre

Evergreen 2.1

Responsibility Member(s)
release-lead Dan Scott
release-notes-writer Galen Charlton, Mike Rylander
bug-wrangler Jason Stephenson
web-team-member Anoop Atre, Amy Terlaga

Evergreen 2.0

Responsibility Member(s)
release-lead Jason Stephenson
staff-client-packager Jason Etheridge, Brian Feifarek, Ben Shum
release-notes-writer Anoop Atre, Mike Rylander
testers several
bug-wrangler Jason Stephenson
web-team-member Anoop Atre, Amy Terlaga
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