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Evergreen release checklist

We have started to develop a release checklist (from the last Developer Meeting).

We need to enhance and agree on the checklist (ideally each step links to a more detailed process, and we're probably missing steps).

We should assign positions to names for each release so it is clear who does what.

We would like a "release coordinators" mailing list to, uhh, help coordinate the release.

We should adopt this checklist as a process, then we probably copy the page prior to each release with the names for each position.


  1. release-lead cuts the release tarball and uploads to
  2. release-lead uploads the ChangeLog to
  3. evergreen-dev creates a point-to-point version upgrade script and adds it to the Open-ILS/src/sql/Pg/version_upgrade/ directory
  4. release-lead (or staff-client-packager for 2.0) creates the Windows staff client, computes the md5 checksum, and uploads to
  5. release-notes-writer puts final release notes on / into official documentation / wherever
  6. testers run test cases and file bugs for broken test cases (QA team members need to add/extend/update test cases during the release cycle)
  7. testers test point-to-point version upgrade script to ensure that database schema & data is successfully migrated from previous release to new release (arguably should be part of test cases along with installing a clean database schema)
  8. (pre-beta only) release-lead coordinates with feature developers to ensure that branches were merged properly
  9. bug-wrangler changes "Fix committed" bugs to "Fix released" for that milestone
  10. bug-wrangler creates new milestone for that release
  11. web-team-member updates web site:
    1. Install instructions (convert README to HTML via asciidoc and post to /var/www/
    2. Release notes (convert docs/RELEASE_NOTES_#_#.txt to HTML via asciidoc and post to /var/www/
    3. Download page (update link to tarball, md5sum, install docs, release notes)
    4. Announces release on mailing list / blog and updates wikipedia / freshmeat

Release Team Members

The master branch and the next release

Responsibility Member(s)
release-lead Bill Erickson
release-notes-writer now a community effort
bug-wrangler Jason Stephenson

Evergreen 2.2

Responsibility Member(s)
release-lead Lebbeous Fogle-Weekley
release-notes-writer now a community effort
testers Michael Peters
bug-wrangler Jason Stephenson, Ben Shum
web-team-member Anoop Atre

Evergreen 2.1

Responsibility Member(s)
release-lead Dan Scott
release-notes-writer Galen Charlton, Mike Rylander
bug-wrangler Jason Stephenson
web-team-member Anoop Atre, Amy Terlaga

Evergreen 2.0

Responsibility Member(s)
release-lead Jason Stephenson
staff-client-packager Jason Etheridge, Brian Feifarek, Ben Shum
release-notes-writer Anoop Atre, Mike Rylander
testers several
bug-wrangler Jason Stephenson
web-team-member Anoop Atre, Amy Terlaga
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