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Test Cases for Evergreen

These are test cases designed to test core functionality of Evergreen out of the box. They are based very loosely on testcases from

See the GPLS/PINES Evergreen Test Cases too.

Here are some more Generic Testing Guidelines from Sitka.

SCL-001a: Staff Client Login

  1. Log in as "admin" or Global Admin account, register a new workstation at BR1 called "Test"

CAT-001: Original Cataloguing /w Fast Item Add

  1. In the Cataloging menu, select Create a New MARC Record
  2. Right click on a tag such as 100 to see if the right-click menu functions correctly
  3. Enter the following values in your MARC record:
    020 __ ‡a9781552858233 (pbk.)
    092 __ ‡a623.8882 P46kn
    100 1_ ‡aPerry, Gordon.
    245 10 ‡aKnots / ‡cGordon Perry.
    246 14 ‡aKnots : ‡bthe art and craft of knots, splicing, and decorative ropework
    260 __ ‡aNorth Vancouver, BC : ‡bWhitecap, ‡cc2006.
    300 __ ‡a319 p. : ‡bcol. ill. ; ‡c18 cm.
    500 __ ‡a"An Oceana book"--T.p. verso.
    504 __ ‡aIncludes bibliographical references and index.
    505 0_ ‡aIntroduction -- Ropes, tools and terminology -- Foundations of knotting -- Foundation knots -- Everyday knots -- Knots used to join ropes -- Loops and nooses -- Knots for binding and holding -- Knots used to attach ropes -- Knots at the end of a rope -- Splicing -- Knotcraft -- Glossary -- Index -- Author & Further reading -- Bibliography & Acknowledgments.
    650 0_ ‡aKnots and splices.
  4. select "Fast Item Add" and use a call number of "623.8882 P46kn" and any unused barcode value

CAT-002: Z39.50 Import

  1. In the Cataloging menu, select Import Record from Z39.50
  2. Select LOC as a Z39.50 search target
  3. Search for the author "Twain, Mark"
  4. Select any record
  5. Select MARC Editor for Import

CAT-003: Vandelay

  1. Prior to running this test, you must create a circulation modifier with the code 'book' via Admin -> Server Administration -> Circulation Modifiers
  2. In the Cataloguing menu, select MARC Batch Import/Export
  3. Click Record Match Sets and create a new Match Set called "testmatch"
  4. Create a MARC Tag and Subfield matchpoint that matches on tag 020 and subfield a. Save changes.
  5. Click the Import Records button.
  6. Create a new queue called "testqueue"
  7. Select the testmatch record match set.
  8. Select the Evergreen 852 export format holdings import profile.
  9. Select the Full overlay merge profile
  10. Select to Import Non-matching records and to Merge on Best Match
  11. Import this file: sample_load_with_items.mrc
  12. Verify that records imported and matched correctly. When using with the Concerto data set, there should be at least one match (record 94).
  13. Retrieve record with database ID 94 (Cataloging < Retrieve title via Database ID). SUCCESSFULLY OVERLAID will display in the title to verify that the "full overlay" option worked correctly.

CAT-004: Holdings Maintenance

  1. Select one of the records imported in CAT-003
  2. Select Holdings Maintenance view

PAT-001a: Register Patron

  1. Use the following information to create a new patron:
  2. Name: Jane Smith
  3. Address: 123 Main Street, New York, NY, 11211
  4. Home Library: "BR1"
  5. User profile: "Patrons"
  6. Alert Message: "Hello World"

PAT-002: Patron Search and Retrieval

  1. Search for last name "Smith"
  2. retrieve the patron by barcode
  3. ensure that alert message appears on patron account

PAT-003: General Patron Editing

  1. Update the above patron's account to remove the alert message, change profile to <something?>, change password to 'test'


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