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Overview of Evergreen Git Repositories

This document provides a basic outline of the git repositories available at

While the list on the server is not divided up into sections, we will do so here for the sake of discussion. It turns out that the listing as output by the standard Project sort can be divided almost neatly into 3 categories:

  1. Release
  2. Contrib
  3. Working

We will add a fourth category, "Miscellaneous," for the few oddball repositories that don't really fit in with the others.

Release Repositories

Release repositories are those from which the official, community releases of Evergreen, OpenSRF, and related software are made. They are the canonical sources of Evergreen code. Push access to these repositories is generally limited to the core committers.


The main repository for the Evergreen ILS software.


The main repository for the Hatch web staff client add-on to enable automatic printing to different printers..


The NCIP 2 server for Evergreen can be used to connect Evergreen to other resource sharing systems.


OpenSRF is the "backbone" of Evergreen, the message passing mechanism that enables it to run on multiple servers.


The SIPServer project provides a 3M SIP2 compatible server so that self-checks and other software can access Evergreen.


Syrup is a reserve book software for Evergreen, written in Python.

Contrib Repositories

The public contrib repositories are limited in who can push changes to the code. However, they are typically open to anyone to checkout, peruse, and used the code. Please pay attention to any license files included in the code. You should not assume that it is safe for you to redistribute the code or add it to other projects.



A collection of miscellaneous tools, utilities, and examples that may be of interest to users of Evergreen, contributed by Equinox Open Library Initiative.


A collection of governance documents relating to the Evergreen Oversight Board.


A collection of scripts from MassLNC to build virtual machine sandboxes for Bug Squashing Week and other testing.


Code for a tool to export Evergreen MARC records to Summon, contributed by Mohawk College.


A work-in-progress repository for Jeff Davis' Overdrive OPAC integration.


This repository contains PINES utilities and other contributions for use with Evergreen.



GenaSYS is an Evergreen cluster installation program developed by the Georgia Public Library Service and its contractors.




This repository will contain Evergreen-related contributions from the Traverse Area District Library. It is currently empty.

Working Repositories

Working repositories are where most the development happens. This is work in progress and other code goes before being reviewed and added to one of the release repositories. When you submit your ssh key, you gain access to most of these repositories. Many of them have restricted access for who is allowed to push to them.


Google Summer of Code student Benjamin Webb's Evergreen working repository.


This is an Evergreen tree maintained by employees of Equinox Open Library Initiative.


Working repository for Joseph Lewis, another Googles Summer of Code student.



Evergreen working repository for PINES.


Evergreen working repository for TADL.


OpenSRF working repository for Benjamin Webb.


A Syrup working repository for MassLNC. This work is mostly abandoned.


The community Evergreen working repository. Most new development happens here.


The community Hatch working repository. Most new development happens here.


The community NCIPServer working repository. Most new development happens here.


The community OpenSRF working repository. Most new development happens here.


The community SIPServer working repository. Most new development happens here.


The random repository contains a truly random collection of branches related to Evergreen. These include some people's conference presentations, installers, add-ons, or external modules that make use of Evergreen. None of the branches are necessarily related to each other or share files. Checking one branch out will usually completely replace the branch that you had checked out prior.



An archive of the old, Evergreen documentation site. It is obsolete and kept around for historical reasons or just in case something is needed.


An archive of the old Evergreen website from before the move to Word Press. It's contents are obsolete, and it can be safely ignored.


This repository contains information related to the history of Evergreen. There's a single text file where collaborators can add one line descriptions of events in chronological order.

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