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IRC developer meeting for October 2009 Notes

1.6 release status

Status of reported bugs

Bill Erickson (berick) will deal with the reported ACQ bugs in the near future.
He mentioned that some of the bugs were, probably, already fixed in post-1.6 (trunk).
ACQ in 1.6 is not meant to be production ready, we're still collecting bug reports, suggestions, etc.
Most ACQ features are/will be ported to rel_1_6 and anything that is critically broken will also be backport to rel_1_6_0.
  • Repke's Vandelay attempts:

Authority record import. [ ]

This issue has been addressed, dbs/berick will test on rel_1_6_0_0-as-of-today and will confirm that it's fixed (or not).

Importing MFHD monographic holdings records separate from bibliographic records.

This is a post- feature request and should be filed as such.
This bug was deemed low priority since you almost have to be trying to break things to encounter the issue.
Galen Charlton (gmcharlt) will be given ownership of the bug since he did mention that he might try his hand at a fix.
Warren Layton (wlayton) submitted a patch, which was applied but it wasn't a complete fix since addresses aren't hooked up.
Warren volunteered to fix it this weekend and requested other's have a look/test it also.
  • Aside: we should post a response to a bug posted on the mailing list if the reported bug is fixed, even if we also enter that bug in the bug tracker; with a link to the pertinent commit + bug
It was suggested/decided that whoever works on a ticket should notify the list,
about having taken ownership of the bug and followup once it is resolved (or not),
a link to the pertinent bug+commit would also be a good idea in the mail.


  • There will be a and release next week.
  • Dan Scott (dbs) will put out a call for translations next week after the release is cut.
We will not have a RC2 release even though there have had a number of changes since RC1.
Any remaining bugs will be addressed by

Mike Rylander (miker_) will build the tarball and have a look through the release notes, upgrade notes, etc.
He requested that we look through the release notes and confirm all fixes, updates, etc are included.
[ ]

Jason Etheridge (phasefx_) mentioned that there are two things he'd like to/will backport to
  * a more relaxed "key" for oils_persist so that sticky settings will survive upgrades
  * a bug with fleshing un-rendered list rows when they're scrolled into visibility)

As mentioned earlier, most ACQ features are/will be ported to rel_1_6 and anything that is critically broken will also be backport to rel_1_6_0.

OpenSRF we need to cut an OpenSRF release to match Evergreen 1.6 (but wait… shouldn't that be tested first? OH NOES!)

  • This time we will not be cutting a new OpenSRF release but use the 1.2 tarball that is already available.

Outstanding patches

Dan Scott has volunteered to test Warren Layton's patch that enables bookbags to be exported to Refworks.
It will probably be shepherded into the first feature release after, say & will also be added to branch_1_6.

Note: We might take advantage of this patch to push the bookbag from Evergreen to Syrup in the future.

Lowering the barriers to participation

  • Chris Sharp (chrissharp123) Suggested we compile some of the information presented at EG09 into technical documentation for example the presentations berick, dbs, miker_ & others gave.
  • Jeff Godin (jeff) volunteered to spearhead this initiative and requested we share with him any presentations, links, external (technical) documentations, howtos, etc after the meeting (or later at your convenience). He plans on sorting the information on to some wiki page(s) and will post to lists when things have progressed, later next week. Stephen Wills (Stev3) and Anoop Atre (moodaepo) have volunteered to assist.
Note: Jeff mentioned (later) that he had quite a few of miker's "here's the deal with FOO" emails
 filed away for reference, which might be a good thing to use for the technical documentation pages.

Note: natschil mentioned the document "How to participate in development" but that it is often quite broad,
maybe it should be revised or replaced. [ ]

"Bug tracking and QA"

  • Is there general agreement that we should put out a call for a QA team: bug testers & wranglers who would manage the public bug database & verify bugs & build tests to add to the test harness?
Yes, Shawn Boyette (sboyette) will put out a call for a QA team: bug testers & wranglers.
He has also volunteered to be "bug tracker oversight guy" since he is current "the QA guy"
at ESI so has been concentrating on the test suite and will also be working on tools
to support the development process in general.

Dan Scott agreed that there's a natural relationship between converting bug reports & fixes into tests.
Also noted that there could always be more than one person tracking the bugs.
So Shawn would be point person for the wranglers (at least for now).
  • Any interest in talking about non-Trac options? atz had mentioned self-hosted bugzilla; dbs has mentioned screw it, let's move to fully-hosted launchpad
Yes. After much discussion it was decided that we will try out Launchpad and see how it works out.
Or as Dan put it "For a trial period of three months, try out Launchpad as the writable-by-anyone
bug system/translations system/feature request/code review/FAQ-development thingy" etc.

Dan has requested a transfer of the inactive and is confident it will happen based on precedent. [ ]

Note: David Fiander (djfiander) talked about handing out bug-filing privileges like candy would work, sort of: once you've reported a problem via email/irc that's real, then you get to file your own. which was received well but we need to see how we will end up using Launchpad.

"Release process"

Shawn Boyette has been working on a buildbot which is nearing completion of its first phase of development.
It will get its own box and will be public (both output and source) towards the end of the month.
The goal is to have it not just acting as a continuous integration server but to also use it to build
anything that uses a GNU toolchain. The eg-specific parts exist sort of on the side -- like the tarball building
part will be using the buildbot's libraries to introspect the bot's db. 

So this pretty much takes care of the automated build section,
although Shawn could always use more eyes once it's ready and rolling.

It will probably be made available under ils-contrib or "a git repository, somewhere"
we will have a better picture towards the end of the month.

Note: Dan asked if parts of the system that are not currently part of the GNU toolchain
will need to either be added to it, or made available in some form of pre-built output?
For example the openils_dojo layer, translations, etc. Not sure if that got answered.


  • Since the meeting was running to about 2.5 hours the ACQ discussion was pretty quick. A detailed talk might be scheduled for the next meeting.
As of now we have a somewhat working ACQ in but it is regarded as a preview release,
so no bugs in ACQ in are considered showstoppers. 

Bug fixes get added to rel_1_6_0, any new features will be included in rel_1_6 and above.

Or as the release notes say:

Acquisitions Preview includes a sneak peek at the preliminary work for manual
funding management, PO creation, cataloging and receiving processes.
These are functional but are not intended for insertion into current workflows.
This feature was specifically included to solicit feedback from the community on this important feature.

Status of Craftsman and continued support/development?

  • Dan Scott clarified that future development - on craftsman.
It was regarding a document, Karen Schneider (kgs) had sent to him a while ago with a long
list of bugs in craftsman which need to be entered as actual bugs into Trac.
He wasn't sure if this list was ok to release to public or not because Karen hadn't posted it anywhere.
Mike Rylander saw no reason with getting the list of problems out on to bug tracking.
  • Note from Karen (kgs): Might want to check with Shae. She and I had gone through Craftsman thoroughly not too long ago and made a list of bugs. Dan's list might be obsolete. Probably needs a thorough run-through again.
  • Joe Atzberger (atz) has been filing some already and will work with Dan to have these filed, Anoop volunteered to assist.

Other Agenda Items

  • Moved rest of the agenda to lists/next ITC meeting.

Since the meeting was extending to 2.5 hours it was decided to defer oils_i18n_gettext & scheduling the next IRC meeting to the lists.

What's shaking in the near future? & Any long term projects that we need to start laying the groundwork for now? were also tabled to the list and/or will be included into the next meeting's agenda.

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