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IRC developer meeting for December 2009 - Minutes

  • Date: 2009-12-02
  • Time: 14:01 to 15:34 EST

Meeting called to order by Dan Scott (dbs) at 14:01 EST

    1. George Duimovich reported some ACQ bugs that need to be tracked (and fixed)
      • ACTION: (Carried forward) Bill Erickson to put the reported bugs in Trac or LaunchPad for later follow-up
    2. Repke's authority import problem reported as fixed
    3. Invalid birth date bug reported as fixed
    4. Jason Etheridge backported two fixes for 1.6 (more relaxed “key” for oils_persist; bug fix for fleshing un-rendered list rows when scrolled into visibility)
      • Fix for fleshing un-rendered list rows works for xulrunner 1.9, but perhaps not xulrunner 1.8
      • At least one site is using xulrunner 1.8 with Evergreen 1.6 because of printer issues with XL1.9
      • ACTION: Jason Etheridge to ask mrpeters-isl from Indiana if fleshing list rows fix works for him with XL 1.8.
      • ACTION: Jason Etheridge to file bug for printer in LaunchPad so that info can be gathered from existing sites running XL 1.8. The problem can then be forwarded to the Mozilla people.
    5. Jeff Godin (jeff) has started the wiki page for new developers. It's coming along but any help would be welcome.
      • Dan Scott (dbs) mentioned his developer tutorial, which needs to be fixed to specific versions of OpenSRF/Evergreen
      • ACTION: Jeff to post announcement to the mailing list within 7 days (by December 9)
      • Jeff put the "Contributing" document on the wiki so that it can easily updated
        • Any substantive changes to the "Contributing" document should be discussed on the mailing list
        • ACTION: Jeff to post to mailing list soliciting ideas for changes to Contributing document (and likely provide a few ideas himself)
    6. QA team proposal still needs to go out
      • ACTION: (Carried forward) Shawn Boyette (or someone else) to post call for a QA team to -dev mailing list to help refine the details
    7. Craftmans bugs still need to be added to Trac or LaunchPad
      • ACTION: (Carried forward) Dan Scott (dbs) to post Craftsman bug document as one bug in LaunchPad, which can then be separated into separate bugs afterward
  1. Post-Mortem
    • A few patches queued up for a release: Dan Wells' fix for ue_config.js, Bill Erickson's wide-character fix, and potentially a fix for direct_ingest by Warren Layton (in progress)
    • James Fournier (jamesrf) asked if direct_ingest is running slower under 1.6
      • Dan Scott (dbs) responded that's caused by localized URIs, "with flags available to prevent it - not sure we did document that anywhere though"
      • ACTION: Dan Scott (or someone else?) to document this behaviour and how to use the available flags
    • Warren Layton mentioned that a few Dojo interfaces in the staff client have invalid translated strings
      • Mike Rylander explained that this happens when a translation-addition widget is used inside a Dojo grid cell
      • ACTION: Warren Layton to file a bug in LaunchPad for translation-addition widgets used inside a Dojo grid cell
  2. Translations - Through LaunchPad?
    • ACTION: Dan Scott to put out a call for translations now that is out
    • Translations will be done through LaunchPad, which contains strings from trunk
      • The idea is that most of the strings in trunk can be backported to the branches easily enough
  3. New OpenSRF Release
    • Dan Scott advocated for an immediate 1.4 release, due to the large number of changes since OpenSRF 1.2 was cut (nearly 4 months ago)
      • Bill Erickson noted that testing for internal consistency is needed due to recent JSON parser changes
    • Shawn Boyette noted that his BuildBot is now creating nightly tarballs of OpenSRF, available at
  4. LaunchPad - Working Okay?
    • Translations are getting sorted out
    • A number of bugs have been filed, but some haven't been followed-up afterward
      • 19 bugs opened; 8 have fixes committed
      • Shawn Boyette has been sorting through the bugs and adding tags, but is not a fan of the tagging implementation
    • Warren Layton suggested adding a link from
    • There's also a LaunchPad site for OpenSRF now:
    • There's the question of people pushing their own branches into LaunchPad to track them
      • LaunchPad doesn't work with git but does work with bazaar
    • James Fournier asked if LaunchPad's "Bug Wranglers" group was open to anyone (or just committers)
      • Dan Scott responded that it should be open to anyone willing to help with bugs
      • ACTION: (?) Add section for Bug Wranglers in "Contributing" document (similar to the "Documentation Contribution" section in the current version)
      • Dan Scott noted that (Bug Wranglers) is now open for anyone to join
    • The idea of LaunchPad and Trac integration was brought up
      • Mike Rylander noted LaunchPad is quickly becoming the authoritative bug system
      • Trac can be kept as a "quieter" bug system for the committers, if needed.
        • All bugs to be entered in LaunchPad, some may also be placed in Trac by the committers
  5. Feature Requests - Through LaunchPad?
    • can be used, but only Dan Wells has added anything so far (for serials predictions and receiving)
      • Mike Rylander noted that this is much better than the current process
      • Jason Etheridge also suggested that a number of proposals be added to that site and then used for the HackFest at the Evergreen 2010 Conference
  6. Telephony Patch
  7. Outstanding Patches
    • Art Rhyno submitted a patch to enable client-side paging for records with hundreds or thousands of attached items
      • ACTION: Dan Scott to add it to LaunchPad as a bug w/ fix, and ping the openils-dev mailing list again for feedback
    • ACTION: James Fournier to re-submit his opt-in patch when he gets the chance

Meeting adjourned by Dan Scott (dbs) at 15:34 EST

  • Post-meeting: Bill Ott reminded everyone to get their Program Proposals in for EG 2010. Deadline is December 15, 2009.
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