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Developer meeting: November 8, 2011

Meeting takes place on IRC on the #evergreen channel on Freenode. See the Calendar for specific dates and times.

Held at

  • 09:00:00 a.m. Tuesday November 8, 2011 in America/Los_Angeles
  • 12:00:00 p.m. Tuesday November 8, 2011 in Canada/Eastern
  • 16:00:00 Tuesday November 8, 2011 in UTC

Last meeting:

Logs and minutes

  • Minutes will be supplied in this document after the meeting finishes.


  1. Determine the taker of minutes: Dan Scott
  2. Determine meeting leader: Ben Shum
  3. Review past action items: None
  4. New Business
    1. Evergreen 2.1.0 official announcement
      1. Release notes (in RELEASE_NOTES.txt in rel_2_1) should include list of known bugs fixed in 2.1.1 such as OpenLibrary added content
    2. Evergreen 2.1.1?
      1. ACTION: Thomas Berezansky to tweak release-cutting script to accommodate README changes (pointer to download location)
      2. ACTION: Thomas Berezansky to cut 2.1.1 release for testing and _severe_ criticism real soon now
    3. Evergreen 2.2 alpha?
      1. Agreed to target week of November 15th for the 2.2 alpha
    4. End of community supported 1.6
      1. ACTION: Anoop Atre to write "end of life" announcement
    5. Google Summer of Code Mentorship Summit report
      1. See email from dbs to list for full notes.
    6. Defining a release team separate from the project leads
      1. Currently Bug Wranglers can nominate series / milestones, but currently only project leads have the ability to target series/milestones
      2. Bug Wranglers is an open group, but if we defined a Release Team with approved membership, those folks would have the ability to target series/milestones
      3. General positive vibes towards the idea but no defined action item
    7. Sign-off by committers-to-be is very valuable
      1. If contributor X pushes a branch out for review and requests a merge, and contributor Y pushes a branch that signs off on contributor X's commits, that is a strong positive sign in favour of the branch
  5. Announcements
    1. Conifer will be hosting another TPAC development day at University of Windsor on December 8th and 9th. Ask dbs for more details.

After the meeting, remove the agenda from the IRC channel topic.

Next meeting

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