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Evergreen 2.9 Documentation Needs (deprecated, see 2.10_needs)

Documentation needs based on the Release Notes entries that were submitted with new features during the 2.9 release cycle.

Copy the HTML code below to update the status of an item:

  • Assign yourself: <html><span style="color:blue;font-weight:bold">[your name]</span></html> ([your name])
  • Add a status: <html><span style="color: green;font-weight: bold"> COMPLETE!</span></html> (COMPLETE!)


Check Sitka's documentation, especially when documenting older features
Regular Manual and Acquisitions Manual

High level workflow for documenting new EG features

These are the high-level steps we take to document new features:

  1. Look at the new feature docs to do list (this page) and sign yourself up for documenting a new feature
    1. You will need a EG community wiki account to edit wiki pages, just email for access.
  2. Look over the release notes entry for the feature you picked and decide
    1. if the feature warrants a new section in the official manual (For 9/10/2015, see: to explain the new feature
    2. or just a bit of new content in an existing section that is related to the new feature.
    3. Maybe what is needed is to replace an existing screenshot in the docs with a newer screenshot that shows off or demonstrates the new feature
  3. Once you decide how the new feature should be documented follow the standard steps to contribute documentation to DIG

NOTE: Sometimes you can reuse almost all of the text in the new feature release note for use in the official docs, but sometime you have to come up with significant edits to the original release notes text.







Needs From Previous Versions

Remove items from the list below as they are completed (or confirmed to be already complete).

Borrow Chapters from Evergreen In Action (from EG 2.2)

  • Controlling how holds are fulfilled
  • Managing patron penalties and alerts
  • Sending reminders to your users
  • Care and feeding of Evergreen
  • Preparing for disaster: saving your data
  • Maximizing performance
  • Staying current and secure
  • Resources
  • Getting more help in the community
  • Glossary
  • Appendix A: Suggested Profile Permissions



  • Change references to TPAC to say catalog, public catalog, or staff catalog as appropriate
    • JSPAC was removed in 2.9, so TPAC is now the only catalog. And several people agreed on IRC that "OPAC" is less clear and should be avoided.


  • Cataloging
  • Circulation
  • OPAC
      • Catalog page titles
      • Subject Headings - about properties.
      • Electronic resources - url properties
      • 1xx and 7xx fields - Contributor property
      • Linking out to related records
      • Sitemap generator changes
      • nofollow properties for links robots should not crawl.
      • canonical property for record detail pages and library descriptions.
      • 404 HTTP status code for non existing catalog pages and 410 HTTPS status code for deleted record pages.
      • Open Graph Protocol for record detail and library pages.
    • New link to My Lists Christine B COMPLETE!


  • Cataloging
    • MARC Stream Importer Command line options [Kathy]
  • OPAC
    • Added Content by ID [Stompro]

      Working GIST

    • Content Cafe Added Content Update [Jim Keenan]
    • More RDA 264 tag support [Yamil]

      (Yamil wants to collaborate with any new DIG members on this simple feature.)




  • Acquisitions
    • Support PO activation without loading copies into catalog - Should be added to chapter on PO's while moving PO chapter up - Kathy
    • Differentiate between cancelled and "delayed" lineitems - Same as above - Kathy
  • Administration
    • Default filter option for configuration screens - bitesize
    • Purge holds [Stompro] Working GIST
  • Circulation
    • Patron barcode regex for patron registration
    • Setting for Desk Renewal to use original circulating library
    • Floating Groups - Note: Developer documentation is done, but could use review for readability and to add screenshots.
    • Patron blocking by lost items and include lost as items out
    • Print Single Item Receipt Submitted by Lynn Floyd, needs review
    • Wrong-Shelf Holds in Clearable Shelf-Expired Holds List - Should be incorporated (with updated screenshots) in newly revived Holds documentation
    • Adjustable font size in the staff client catalog - bitesize
    • Standalone Mode Shortcut
    • User Setting Defaults
  • OPAC
    • Added Content by Record ID [Stompro] Working GIST
    • Conjoined items - update docs to update with tpac functionality and replace jspac screenshots with tpac screenshots.
    • OPAC maintenance message [Stompro] Working GIST
    • My List enhancements - Enhancements include improvement on navigation for My Lists by displaying a page number and allowing for navigation by page number; addition of pagination for items in a list; addition of My Lists Preferences tab in Account Preferences where users can identify the number of lists and the number of list items that should display in each page; and a prompt now displays when users select the Delete List button confirming that they really want to delete the list. Should be incorporated in My Lists documentation.Jessica
    • Some new OPAC features (shelving location filter, set search context by shortname, RSS links to full catalog) should probably be incorporated in a larger "document the tpac" project.
  • Serials
    • Support Reader Address Information in Routing Slip Template
  • SIP
    • Support SIP Hold Cancellation - Looks like this adds a configuration option which should probably be incorporated when SIP Server docs are moved up.
    • Return Hold ID to SIP - Probably requires some documentation since the use cases it support may not be immediately apparent.


Older or Unknown Release

  • Administration
    • Local Administration
      • Age Overdue Circs to Lost
      • Barcode Completion Josh Stompro COMPLETE!
      • Cash Reports
      • Copy Location Groups
      • Copy Location Order
      • Copy Locations Editor (Needs a pointer to existing documentation)
      • Copy Template Editor (Needs a pointer to existing documentation)
      • Do Not Attempt Auto-Print Setting
      • Field Documentation
      • Group Penalty Thresholds
      • Hold Policies
      • Item Attribute Editor
      • Non-Cataloged Types Editor [Debbie L.]
      • Patrons with Negative Balances Lynn Floyd
      • Search Filter Groups
      • Surveys Lynn Floyd
      • Transit List
      • Hold Targeting and Hold Targeting script
    • Acquisitions
      • Patron Requests/Acquisition requests - Notes Gist
    • Server Administration
      • Actor Stat Cat Sip Fields
      • Age Hold Protect Rules
      • Asset Stat Cat Sip Fields
      • Billing Types
      • Custom Org Unit Trees
      • Global Flags
      • Hard Due Date Changes
      • Hold Matchpoint Weights
      • Import Match Sets
      • User Setting Types [Stompro]
      • Database Backup and Restore Documentation Notes/In Progress Gist
      • Loop-Based Hold Targeting & Pickup Location Weight Notes/In Progress Gist
      • Override Permissions - need docs that explain that any event can have an override permission created.
    • Workstation Admin
  • OPAC
    • Circulation History Tracking
    • Holds History Tracking
  • Circulation
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