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Web Staff Client Documentation Project

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How to Help

Demo of the Web Client

Chapters Needing Review

Many of these chapters only need a quick review and no changes. Claim a chapter below by adding your name in the "Claimed By" column. Make edits on GitHub, and then create a Pull Request. Update the "Progress" column below as you go. Whenever possible, please share a link to your work in progress. This enables others to help also.

See also the XUL vs. Web Client comparison document by Andrea Neiman.


  • NO CHANGE: Reviewer determined that no changes are necessary.
  • DONE: Changes have been made and committed into the 2.12+ code repositories.
  • Any other link: Probably a link to changes to review and commit to the code repositories.
  • [blank]: No progress has been made. Needs review, and possibly needs changes.

Circulation Chapters


Claimed By Progress Chapter Link
NO CHANGE XI. Circulation Link
NO CHANGE 100. Introduction Link
New draft 101. Circulating Items Link
Ready for review 102. Holds Management Link
DONE 103. Booking Module Link
Incomplete Draft, Needs new screenshots (e.g. Registering New Patrons) 104. Circulation - Patron Record Link
Pull request 105. Triggered Events and Notices Link
Working branch, ready to commit 106. Offline Transactions Link
107. Self checkout Link
108. RFID Product Integration Link

Cataloging Chapters


Claimed By Progress Chapter Link
NO CHANGE IX. Cataloging Link
NO CHANGE 79. Introduction Link
DONE 80. Working with the MARC Editor Link
NO CHANGE 81. Batch Importing MARC Records Link
Angela 82. Overlay Existing Catalog Record via Z39.50 Import Link
83. Z39.50 Search Enhancements Link
Draft: needs review and screenshots. Really needs to link to a new "Volume/Copy Editor" section. 84. Monograph Parts Link
85. Conjoined Items Link
NO CHANGE 86. Cataloging Electronic Resources — Finding Them in Catalog Searches Link
NO CHANGE 87. TPAC Copy Edit Links Link
NO CHANGE 88. MARC Batch Edit Link
89. Managing Authorities Link
NO CHANGE 90. Link Checker Link

All Other Chapters

Claimed By Progress Chapter Link
NO CHANGE IV. System Configuration and Customization Link
NO CHANGE 13. Introduction Link
DONE 14. Describing your organization Link
DONE 15. Describing your people Link
NO CHANGE 16. Migrating Patron Data Link
NO CHANGE 17. Migrating from a legacy system Link
18. Importing materials in the staff client Link
19. Ordering materials Link
EASY: In subsection "Adding and removing search fields in advanced search", just change "Search Facet Groups" to "Search Filter Groups". 20. Designing your catalog Link
21. Borrowing items: who, what, for how long Link
NO CHANGE 22. Hard due dates Link
NO CHANGE 23. TPac Configuration and Customization Link
NO CHANGE 24. Creating a New Skin: the Bare Minimum Link
NO CHANGE 25. Auto Suggest in Catalog Search Link
NO CHANGE 26. Authentication Proxy Link
NO CHANGE 27. Kid's OPAC Configuration Link
No longer exists in Web client 28. Customizable Toolbar Link
NO CHANGE 29. Patron Address City/State/County Pre-Populate by ZIP Code Link
NO CHANGE 30. Module Link
NO CHANGE 31. SIP Server Link
NO CHANGE 32. Apache Rewrite Tricks Link
NO CHANGE 33. Apache Access Handler Perl Module Link
V. Using the Staff Client Link
New Draft 34. Introduction Link
Angela (ws req.) New Draft 35. Logging in to Evergreen Link
No longer exists in Web client 36. Button Bar/Toolbar Link
Not consistent in Web client (particularly in circ) 37. Check-boxes Link
New Draft 38. Tab Buttons Link
No longer exists 39. New Options for Double Clicking Link
No longer exists 40. Patron Border Color Enhancement Link
Pull list for hold requests needs its own section (perhaps merging with Display Hold Types on Pull Lists); circ policy sorting should go in the circ policy docs 41. Sorting Columns Link
DONE 42. Column Picker Link
43. Recent Staff Searches Link
Needs new screenshot, incorporate into MARC editor docs 44. Return to Search Results from MARC Record Link
Kathy 45. Workstation Administration Link Include documentation on hatch
NO CHANGE VI. System Administration From the Staff Client Link
46. Introduction Link
47. Acquisitions Administration Link
48. Age hold protection Link
49. Authorities Link
NO CHANGE 50. Best-Hold Selection Sort Order Link
DONE 51. Booking Module Administration Link
52. Call Number Prefixes and Suffixes Link
53. Circulation Limit Sets Link
54. Copy Status Link
55. Floating Groups Link
56. MARC Import Remove Fields Link
57. MARC Record Attributes Link
58. Org Unit Proximity Adjustments Link
59. User and Group Permissions Link
60. SMS Text Messaging Link
61. User Activity Types Link
62. Z39.50 Servers Link
VII. Local Administration Link
63. Introduction Link
Lynn Floyd 64. Library Settings Editor Link
65. Address Alert Link
66. Barcode Completion Link
67. Hold-driven recalls Link
68. Notifications / Action Triggers Link
69. Recent Staff Searches Link
70. Standing Penalties Link
71. Statistical Categories Editor Link
72. Work Log Link
VIII. Acquisitions Link
73. Acquisitions Link
74. Selection Lists and Purchase Orders Link
75. Invoices Link
76. Load MARC Order Records Link
77. Placing purchase requests from a patron record Link
78. Managing patron purchase requests Link
Angela X. Serials Link
91. Serials Link
92. Copy Template for Serials Link
93. Serials Control View Link
94. Alternate Serial Control View Link
95. Edit Subscriptions Link
96. Receiving Link
97. Special Issues Link
98. Holdings Link
99. Group Serials Issues in the Template Toolkit OPAC Link
XII. Reports Link
NO CHANGE 113. Introduction Link
NO CHANGE 114. Starting and Stopping the Reporter Daemon Link
NO CHANGE 115. Folders Link
FIXME 116. Creating Templates Link
NO CHANGE 117. Generating Reports from Templates Link
NO CHANGE 118. Viewing Report Output Link
DONE 119. Cloning Shared Templates Link
NO CHANGE 120. Adding Data Sources to Reporter Link
NO CHANGE 121. Running Recurring Reports Link
Felicia Beaudry 122. Template Terminology Link
FIXME Combine with "Creating Templates" section? 123. Template Enhancements Link
NO CHANGE 124. Exporting Report Templates Using phpPgAdmin Link

Notes from Preview Version of Web Client Docs

  1. Request FEEDBACK from testers and early adopters (and give easy ways to provide feedback) Remington COMPLETE!
  2. Rationale for a new client Remington COMPLETE!
    1. could use the Release Notes entry
  3. Brief timeline / expectations of this preview Remington COMPLETE!
  4. Installing the Web Client Preview Ben [Ready for review] Draft for review | Git branch
  5. Brief overview of interface features - Follow similar approach as used in the current docs
    1. Staff client
      1. Logging into Evergreen - Note: Standalone is not yet done. Preset tabs, autologin no longer available, but setting multiple home pages may be a good "new workflow" to document in place of preset tabs. Kathy COMPLETE!
      2. Button Bar/Toolbar - Note: No equivalent for custom toolbar yet to document, but, in the meantime, we could document using browser bookmarks toolbar for easy access to web client interfaces.
      3. Checkboxes
      4. Tab buttons - Maybe can be transformed into tips for using browser buttons/hotkeys to get the most of the web client? Kathy COMPLETE!
      5. Options for double-clicking - In addition to patron search, note the addition of double-clicking in the patron's bills area
      6. Patron border colors - No border colors in the web client, but there are colors that highlight overdues, lost counts, etc. in the patron summary..
      7. Sorting columns - Note: Column sorting is not yet working in all interfaces
      8. Recent Staff Searches -
      9. Return to Search Results from MARC Record
      10. Workstation Administration
  6. Circulation
    1. Circulating Items Michelle Added to Preview Section Ready for review
    2. Holds Management Jane [Ready for review] Ready for review
    3. Circulation - Patron Record Yamil [Partially submited]
    4. Triggered Events and Notices - Might be difficult to document this using webby since we need to use a system that has triggered events.
    5. Offline Transactions - Not available yet
    6. Self checkout - no changes expected in self checkout
    7. RFID Product Integration - I don't believe this is available yet.
  7. Cataloging
    1. Copy Cataloging chapter into Web Client Preview section
    2. Replace screenshots (and double-check instructions) for the following copied sections: Mary starting, taking screenshots
    3. Copy Buckets Jennifer Added to Preview Section
    4. Record Buckets Christine In progress
  8. Eventually copy in sections of existing docs, with updated screenshots, etc. (as they become more stable)
    1. Copy templates: One change to note in the docs is that you now need to click "Save" after importing templates.
  9. Brief comments/advice on combining the web client and current client in staff workflows
    1. Only applies during the transition period. When the web client is finished (and the XUL client is deprecated), this section will be removed.

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